As Ease Of Payment Grows, So Does Customer 'Tip Shaming'Ever feel pressured to leave a gratuity at the counter? You are not alone.
Lawmaker Getting Tough On Businesses' Use Of Facial Recognition TechnologyA new wave of technology means store security cameras aren't just tracking crooks, they're also tracking you. A city councilman wants New Yorkers to know if and when a camera is watching.
Kavanaugh Says He 'Might Have Been Too Emotional' During Testimony Addressing AllegationsThe 53-year-old judge said in an op-ed that he knows his "tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said" during testimony last week to the Judiciary Committee.
Study: People Go To Dangerous Lengths For The Perfect SelfieWhat would you risk to snap the perfect selfie? A new study shows thousands of people are risking their lives, and hundreds have paid the ultimate price for vanity.
President Trump, At UN, Accuses China Of Attempting To Interfere With Upcoming Midterm ElectionsPresident Donald Trump is having another full day as he meets with several world leaders and hints about a big announcement on North Korea. 
NYC DA's 'Decline To Prosecute' Policy To Close 3,000 Marijuana CasesSome low-level drug offenders are about to get a clean slate. The Manhattan District Attorney has announced he will dismiss thousands of marijuana cases.
New DNA Tech Helping Identify Last Of 9/11 WTC VictimsNow 17 years later, scientists are still refining the process for identifying victims in the last of 22,000 body fragments.
Historic New York Seltzer Company Cashing In On Sparkling Water CrazeWith a renewed focus on healthy eating and drinking, sparkling water sales in the U.S. have skyrocketed in recent years.