Police: Student Brings Gun To School In Jamaica, Queens For Second Time In 2 DaysFor the second time this week, a city public school student was caught bringing a loaded gun into school.
New York State Moving To Electronic PrescriptionsNew York state doctors are ditching the prescription pad.
Linden, N.J. Woman Vanishes Months After Being Shot; Family In PanicTyrita Julius vanished just four months after being shot eight times in her car. Now, her mother is driven to tears – fearing the shooting may be related to her disappearance.
Trump, GOP Rivals Stick Largely To Policy As They Square Off In MiamiWith Donald Trump well at the front of the pack, the Republican presidential candidates took to the stage in Miami Thursday night for another big debate.
Feds Called In To Roundup 100 Turkeys In Staten IslandThe feds are taking on turkeys in Staten Island.
Missing Dog Found In South Jersey 2 1/2 Years Later, Reunited With Bronx WomanRihanna the dog was just a pup when she was snatched from a backyard in the Bronx, and more than two and a half years later, she was located two hours away in South Jersey.
LAPD Testing Knife Found On O.J. Simpson's Former EstateThe knife was apparently found by a construction worker possibly during the demolition of the Rockingham property, police said.
Opponents Slam Trump, But Say They'd Support Him As Nominee, In 11th GOP DebateAll of Donald Trump's three opponents said they would make good on their promises to support him if he is the Republican presidential nominee.
Rubio, Cruz Go After Trump's Conservative Credentials During Last Debate Ahead Of Super TuesdayDonald Trump's rivals shot barbs in his direction in the last presidential debate before Super Tuesday, even presenting him as too soft on issues such as immigration and perhaps not sufficiently conservative.
New App Seeks To Take Stress Out Of Searching For Parking SpacesAlmost every driver can relate the frustration of finding a parking spot, but now a new app seeks to ease some of the stress.
GOP Candidates Take Verbal Swings As South Carolina Primary ApproachesThe primary fight has been getting dirty in the digital realm in particular, with social media abuzz about redirected websites.