President Biden Says Another Attack In Afghanistan Is 'Highly Likely' In Next 24-36 HoursAnother attack is "highly likely" to take place in Afghanistan in the next 24-36 hours, President Biden said in a statement Saturday afternoon.
Biden Vows Revenge For Kabul Attack That Killed 13 US Service MembersThirteen U.S. service members were killed and more than a dozen others injured in an attack outside the airport in the capital of Afghanistan on Thursday, opening a deadly new chapter in the massive U.S. effort to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies ahead of President Biden's August 31 deadline to withdraw.
Supreme Court Blocks Biden Administration's Latest Ban On EvictionsThe Supreme Court on Thursday lifted the Biden administration's newest federal ban on evictions.
President Biden Signs Legislation Awarding Congressional Gold Medal To Harlem HellfightersThe 369th Infantry Regiment was made up of Black soldiers who fought in World War I.
Where Do COVID Vaccine Mandates Stand?With the FDA's full approval of Pfizer's vaccine for COVID, vaccine mandates may become more prevalent in the the public and private sector.
Biden Addresses Evacuations From Afghanistan As Withdrawal Deadline LoomsPresident Biden told world leaders Tuesday the U.S. is "on pace" to meet his August 31 deadline to pull the remaining American forces from Afghanistan.
Fourth Stimulus Check: Will Another Relief Payment Come This Year?The economy is improving, but millions of Americans haven't experienced the recovery and could still benefit from a fourth stimulus check.
President Biden: Federal Government Prepared To Help All Areas Impacted By HenriIn a rare Sunday address, the president vowed to deploy a range of resources in the Tri-State Area and farther north and west, where Henri is heading now.
Biden Says Evacuations From Afghanistan 'Hard And Painful'Over the last 36 hours, 11,000 people have been shuttled out of Kabul, Mr. Biden said, an "extraordinary amount."
Biden On Afghanistan: 'Any American Who Wants To Come Home, We Will Get You Home'President Biden took questions from reporters Friday for the first time since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, pledging that the U.S. will get any American home who wants to come home.
President Biden Says 'Buck Stops With Me' And Defends Afghanistan WithdrawalAddressing the nation for the first time since the Taliban took the capital on Sunday, Biden did little to address pressing questions about why the U.S. failed to anticipate the rapid pace of the takeover.
Local War Veterans Reflect On U.S. Decision To Leave Afghanistan: 'It Did Not Need To Get To This Point'Many are left wondering if the decades the U.S. spent in Afghanistan were worth it.
Biden Nominates US Attorneys For Manhattan, BrooklynDamian Williams would be the first Black person to run the Manhattan office.
President Joe Biden Reacts To Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Resignation: 'I Respect The Decision He Made'The president had called on Cuomo to resign last week after the release of the Attorney General's report.
Will There Be A National Vaccine Mandate?Vaccination mandates are now being implemented across government and corporate America, but short of a national requirement, how effective can they be?