Trump Easily Wins Indiana, Sweeps Toward Nomination With Cruz OutDonald Trump was projected as the winner of the Indiana Republican primary the minute the last polls closed Tuesday, and was a hair away from being named presumptive nominee with rival Ted Cruz out.
Cruz Blasts 'Pathological Liar' Trump During Crucial Indiana PrimaryRepublican Ted Cruz faces a high-stakes test for his slumping presidential campaign in Tuesday's Indiana primary, one of the last opportunities for the Texas senator to halt Donald Trump's stunning march toward the GOP nomination.
Trump, Clinton Press Closer To General Election ShowdownDonald Trump has strengthened his grip on the Republican primary race and pushed tantalizingly close to a general election showdown with Hillary Clinton.
Trump Sweeps All 5 Primary States; Clinton Takes 4, Sanders 1Donald Trump swept all five states that held Republican primary contests Tuesday night, but Hillary Clinton was held back from a sweep on the Democratic side by Bernie Sanders.
Kasich Not Featured In Oregon Voters' Pamphlet After Campaign Misses DeadlineOhio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign committed a huge blunder as the Republican presidential candidate is not featured in Oregon’s voters’ pamphlet for the primary election in May.
Cruz, Kasich Say They Will Cooperate To Beat TrumpBoth Cruz and Kasich's campaigns released statements Sunday saying that Cruz will focus his campaign resources on winning enough delegates in Indiana, while Kasich will focus his efforts on western states.
Trump On Kasich: 'I Have Never Seen A Human Being Eat In Such A Disgusting Fashion'Donald Trump mercilessly mocked rival John Kasich in Rhode Island Monday, labeling his eating "disgusting'' and calling him "stubborn'' for remaining in the race.
Connecticut Primary Could Impact Delegate Count For Underdog Candidates Connecticut, one of five states voting on Tuesday, could have an impact on the delegate count for so-called underdog candidates.
Democratic, Republican Candidates Campaign Ahead Of Connecticut PrimaryA confident Donald Trump said he's "not toning it down,'' a day after his chief adviser assured Republican officials the GOP front-runner will show more restraint.
'We Don't Have Much Of A Race Anymore': Donald Trump Captures New York Republican PrimaryDonald Trump gets closer to the magic number of 1,237 as the billionaire captured the New York Republican primary Tuesday night, CBS News projects.
New Yorkers Head To The Polls As Trump, Clinton Look For Wins On Home TurfRepublican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton hope to emerge victorious from Tuesday's primaries in New York, contests that offer big delegate hauls and an opportunity for the front-runners to inch closer to their parties' nominations.