Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update Is PlentifulJerry Recco did his thing Wednesday morning, and as usual did it with gusto.
Boomer & Carton: Thursday's 'Morning Cup Of Mink' -- How 'Bout That?!With Joe Benigno not around, we turned to our very own John Minko, who after some prodding agreed to fill in.
B&C Morning Show: An Uncomfortable 'Minko Moment'WFAN update anchor John Minko (pictured) attended last night's Rangers-Capitals game at MSG and was not impressed with the Garden crowd.
WFAN Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Mike Francesa – Hour 3In the third part of the 25th anniversary show, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Radio Dan Mason joined the program alongside Don Bouloukos, a Senior Vice President for CBS Radio.
WATCH: Minko's Top PersonalitiesWe asked long-time WFAN personalities who their favorite personalities of the last 25 years were. Here's the response from the Mink Man, John Minko.
Liguori: Memories From 25 Years At WFAN RadioI’m honored to have been the first woman to host a show on the station, which I enjoyed doing every weekend from that first show on July 4th weekend of 1987 to 2008 -- 21 years!
B&C Morning Show: Kate Upton & John Minko - Two Peas-In-A-PodThe stunningly beautiful Kate Upton (Helloooooooo!!!) was a guest on the mid-day show yesterday with Joe Benigno and somehow she confused Joe for Craig, blaming him for the rumor that she was/is dating Mark Sanchez.
B&C Morning Show: John Minko's Rough UpdateAfter making it through his first full-update relatively unscathed, John Minko was feeling more comfortable until update number two. He forgot to turn on his microphone and it was all downhill from there.