Vaping Facts Versus Fiction: Nicotine, THC And The New Mystery IllnessThough there are varying conclusions in health research findings on tobacco and marijuana, the range strikes some as jarring after generations of Americans being told smoking endangers their health.
Hempstead Takes Lead In Aiming To Ban Sale Of Flavored Vaping ProductsOfficials moved Tuesday to ban certain vaping products that critics say are getting kids sick.
Juul CEO To Non-Smokers Thinking Of Using E-Cigarettes: 'Don't Vape. Don't Use Juul'Here's yet another warning about e-cigarettes. New reports indicate people who vaped marijuana-based products developed lung disease.
Feds Probing Potential Links Between Vaping, Lung IllnessesThere has been a disturbing increase in severe lung illnesses possibly linked to vaping. Federal health officials are investigating as many 153 cases, mostly in adolescents and young adults.
Parents, Advocates Protest Teen Vaping Outside JUUL Offices In ManhattanAll this comes just days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it is investigating nearly 100 possible cases of severe lung illnesses involving e-cigarette users, especially teens and young adults. 
CDC Launches Investigation Into Nearly 100 Illnesses Linked To VapingDoctors say people who vape are not exposed to tar, but they're still being exposed to nicotine and possibly other unknown, harmful substances.
New Study: E-Cigarette Flavors May Be Harmful To Your HeartE-cigarettes are said to be safer because they don't have tar and other carcinogens of real cigarettes. But they contain flavorings that may be bad for your heart.
Advocacy Group Launches New Push Against Flavored E-Cigarettes Targeting KidsKeeping children away from flavored e-cigarettes is the goal of a new campaign launched today at city hall.
Surgeon General: Vaping Amongst Young People An Epidemic, 'Aggressive Steps' Needed To Stop ItThe government's top doctor is taking aim at the best-selling electronic cigarette brand in the U.S., urging swift action to prevent Juul and similar vaping brands from addicting millions of teenagers.
E-Cigarette Maker Juul Pulling Flavored Pods From StoresE-cigarette maker Juul is taking steps to keep its products away from kids. The company said Tuesday it’s pulling its flavored pods from more than 90,000 stores nationwide, including convenience stores and tobacco shops.