Dyer: Jets Are Now Idzik's Team, And The GM Will Be Judged AccordinglyPlease take a seat, Mr. Idzik. If your team doesn’t do well this year, it might start to get a little warm. Not hot, mind you. Just a little warm.
Dyer: Cocky Rex Is The Best Rex -- And The Jets Know ItRex Ryan is no longer the emasculated head coach of the Jets, neutered by the talk of being fired. The guns are blazing and he's a little cocky again – though he likely would call it confidence. Either way, his team will need him that way.
Dyer: I Believe That — I Believe That — I Believe That Soccer Is Only Going UpFans lustily cheered, groaned and chanted “I believe,“ joining the chorus sung all over the country. But they didn’t just “believe that we will win.” No, they also believed that soccer has arrived.
Dyer: Soccer Has FINALLY Arrived In The U.S., And It's Time To Accept ItThe next move is yours, Joe Six-Pack. This soccer thing ain't going anywhere, so you might as well accept it.
Dyer: U.S.-Germany Is Simply A Monster Match For Soccer's Place In This CountryThursday match between the U.S. and Germany represents more than a chance for the Americans advance to the second round of the World Cup. The birth of a soccer nation -- a true soccer nation -- is on the line.
Dyer: Americans Who Ignore MLS, NASL Aren't Real Soccer Fans Chances are you'll encounter plenty of soccer fans ahead of Monday's U.S.-Ghana match. But guess what? They're not real fans if they pooh-pooh the teams in their own backyard.
Dyer: Rex Ryan Sent Wrong Message By Taking The Jets BowlingIt is just OTAs, but New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan sent the wrong message on Thursday when he took his team bowling instead of onto the field.
Dyer: Horse Racing Lost Fans Saturday With A Miserably Run Belmont StakesThere was no signage, no direction -- just chaos. Perhaps track officials were too busy with the sound of coins and cash to hear the chaos just outside Belmont Park.
Dyer: If Vick Is Healthy, He Should Be Penciled In As Jets' Week 1 StarterIf he can stay healthy -- and admittedly that is a big if -- he could and should be penciled in as the Week 1 starter. That might not fit the narrative Jets management would want to promote, but it would win games.
Mike Naples Blog: The Big Day Is Coming, And All I Can Do Is WaitThe NFL Draft is just a few days away, and for former Boston College tight end Mike Naples, the hard work is set to pay off.
Mike Naples Blog: Pro Day Has Come And Gone, And I'm Very PleasedWhen I started this whole process a couple of months ago at TEST Parisi Football Academy, it all seemed so distant. Now, it was here.
Report: Jets' Conservative Approach To Free Agency Is All By DesignThere is a method to John Idzik's perceived madness. Everything that the Jets' general manager has done -- or hasn't done -- during the first full week of free agency has been part of a deliberate blueprint, a source said Tuesday.
Dyer: Luckily For The Jets, This General Manager Knows What He's DoingThis was the offseason that the New York Jets wanted from general manager John Idzik. And after two full days of free agency, it was exactly what the team needed.
Mike Naples Blog: Pro Day Is Coming And The Nerves Are Setting InWith my Pro Day up at Boston College next week on March 12, I'm beginning to see that all this work and effort finally has a goal.
Dyer: Jets Need To Do More Than Just Franchise Their 'Folk Hero'The New York Jets have put the franchise tag on kicker Nick Folk, which will ensure the player known as “Folk Hero” will be paid among the top five kickers in the league. And now the Jets are showing him the money. But they need to show him more.