Judge Overturns Ordinances Keeping Non-Residents From Using Leonia Streets During Rush HourLeonia is just a few miles from the George Washington Bridge, and commuters often use local streets as shortcuts to avoid heavy traffic.
Leonia Wins Appeal In Legal Battle Over Restricting Traffic On Residential StreetsThe borough won a court reprieve in the fight to close some residential streets that are clogged by commuters.
New Jersey Students Toured Notre Dame Cathedral Moments Before It Burst Into FlamesStudents and staff from Leonia High School wrapped up their cathedral tour and went to dinner, where they learned about the fire.
Judge Rules Against Leonia, N.J.'s Controversial Street Signsthe judge said while he sympathizes with the borough's traffic troubles caused by New Jersey and New York commuters, the law left him no choice.
N.J. Towns Ordered To End Ban On Out-Of-Town DriversLeonia and Weehawken on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge are being ordered to reopen their streets to everyone.
Leonia To Get Friendlier Signs Banning GWB Shortcut SeekersA New Jersey town that recently banned nonresident drivers from using its side streets as a shortcut to the busy George Washington Bridge will replace imposing "Do Not Enter'' signs with more welcoming versions.
Weehawken Joins Leonia In Closing Its Side Streets To CommutersWeehawken Mayor Richard Turner says, similar to what’s happening in Leonia, traffic apps have put more vehicles on their side streets.
Leonia’s Traffic Ban Faces Backlash From BusinessesMost businesses in Leonia sit on Broad Street, and the mayor wants to be clear -- the main road is open 24/7. He said the issue is miscommunication.
Lawyer Sues Leonia For Closing Shortcut Near George Washington BridgeA lawyer is suing a New Jersey town that is barring non-residents from using its roads as a shortcut to the George Washington Bridge.
'I Totally Changed My Life:' Englewood Residents Say Leonia Traffic Ban Has Driven Wedge In Daily CommuteThere's a growing case of road ban backlash in Bergen County.
Out-Of-Town Drivers Banned From Using Leonia As Shortcut To George Washington BridgeStarting Monday, approximately 60 side streets will now be restricted to only Leonia residents during rush hour.