DMV Offering 9/11 Remembrance License PlatesNew Yorkers will be able to request the special plate for an initial $85 fee.
New York State Police Set To Crack Down On License Plate Alterations, CoversNo doubt you’ve seen them on the road – license plate covers that hide the numbers. New York State and Suffolk County police said they are cracking down on the illegal activity.
'Ring Of Steel' Camera System Captures Every License Plate In FreeportThe Long Island village of Freeport has broken new ground in beefing up protection with a proverbial ring of steel.
New Jersey Man Charged In Second White House Intrusion IncidentThe second person arrested in 24 hours for trespassing at the White House was in a car with New Jersey license plates.
Makeover Coming For New Jersey License PlatesNew Jersey license plates are undergoing a makeover. Instead of raised letters and numbers on the license plates, the new plates will have digitally printed flat lettering.
Truck Driver Who Allegedly Used Bogus Plates, Charged After GWB StopA Florida truck driver who allegedly used fake license plates _ from different states _ to evade tolls is facing numerous charges after being stopped on the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey.
Port Authority Cracks Down On Toll Cheats By Suing Top OffendersThe Port Authority is also going after drivers who alter their license plates. One driver installed a toggle switch on his dash board which made the plate flip up, so cameras couldn't catch him dodging the tolls.
Jodi Rell License Plate Situation Under ReviewGov. Malloy's legal counsel was reviewing Monday whether a top aide to the governor violated privacy laws by releasing to a columnist a list of low-number license plates.
NJ Offers 'Choose Life' License PlatesNew Jersey's Motor Vehicles Commission has bowed out of a seven-year battle and has quietly begun offering license plates this month with the slogan "Choose Life.''
New Jersey Getting New NASCAR License PlatesNASCAR fans in New Jersey can start their engines and display new license plates of their favorite drivers.