Brian Cashman's Accused Stalker Set To Get Out Of Jail After Five Months Behind BarsProsecutors and a Manhattan judge signed off Thursday on Louise Neathway's $300,000 bond package, but she remained in custody on Friday while authorities worked out a paperwork problem.
Yankees GM's Accused Stalker May Get Out On BondA woman charged with extorting thousands of dollars from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has raised money for bond after five months in jail. But prosecutors are raising questions, and it's not clear yet when she might be released.
Brian Cashman's Camp Dismisses Fake ID, Abortion Claims From Alleged StalkerA woman charged with stalking and shaking down Brian Cashman has said he got her phony identification to use in getting an abortion after she became pregnant with his child.
New Charges Against Accused Stalker Of Yankees GM Brian CashmanProsecutors say a woman accused of stalking and shaking down New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman disguised her voice as a man's to call Cashman and posed as a newspaper employee to call his office.
Accused Stalker Of Yankees' GM Brian Cashman IndictedA woman accused of shaking down New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman for $6,000 has been indicted. But it's not yet clear what charges the grand jury found appropriate.
Cashman's Accused Stalker May Talk To Grand Jury; Cashman Appears For 2nd DayA woman charged with extorting $6,000 from New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman may testify next week before a grand jury weighing the case, her lawyer said as a judge declined to reduce the woman's $300,000 bond.
Accused Stalker Of Yankees' Brian Cashman Due In Court Weds.A woman charged with extorting $6,000 from Cashman may be about to find out what a grand jury thinks of the case.
Accused Cashman Stalker Has Tortured PastA woman accused of extorting money from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has a history of arrests for stalking and harassing ex-lovers, but not every former beau wound up being viewed as the victim.
Accused Cashman Stalker Speaks Out; GM's Bank Records Subpoenaed?“Surprisingly ... he was a good lover,” Louise Meanwell told the New York Post. “A lot of things about him surprised me.”
Lawyer For Accused Cashman Stalker Says 'We're Challenging The Charges'The woman accused of stalking Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman was back in court Tuesday and still unable to make bail. The deadline for grand jury action was extended by both sides.
Mary Cashman, Wife Of Yankees GM, Files For Divorce The wife of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has filed divorce papers a day after prosecutors charged a woman with stalking him and extorting money over an extramarital affair.