Truck Overturns, Left Hanging Off Route 287 OverpassA tractor trailer overturned Friday morning in Mahwah, New Jersey, and was partially hanging off an overpass on Route 287.
Man Accused Of Pulling Gun, Making Threats At NJ Kiddie PoolA man on Tuesday was accused of pulling a gun and making terroristic threats during a dispute at a kiddie pool in Mahwah, New Jersey.
Saved By A Smell: Boy Alerts School Bus Driver To Unusual Odor Before It Goes Up In FlamesThe bus that carries fourth and fifth graders burst into flames on the way to school on Chapel Road.
Exclusive: Mahwah Police Officers Save Family Stuck In Ramapo RiverAn off-roading adventure went horribly wrong in North Jersey. A man attempting to drive across part of the Ramapo River got stuck late Friday night.
Extra Security On Hand At Mahwah Schools After Alleged ThreatMahwah's police chief and schools superintendent say the alleged threat that was made against Ramapo Ridge Middle School was unconfirmed and unsubstantiated.
Mahwah Mayor Wants Uniformed Officers In Schools, Better Communication When Threats ReportedThe mayor of Mahwah, New Jersey is requesting that uniformed police officers be placed in every school.
Mahwah Reverses Course On Controversial Park & Eruv BansIn October, the state attorney general’s office sued Mahwah over the ordinances, saying they illegally targeted the Jewish community from nearby New York.
Thieves Target North Jersey Cell Towers, Sell Batteries As Scrap MetalThieves in New Jersey have been tampering with cell towers, and police say it could cause a dangerous and major communication blackout.