Criminals Turning NYC Into Wild West, 7 People Struck By Stray Bullets As June Shootings SpikeCBS2 has learned that, this month alone, seven people have been struck by stray bullets in six different incidents in the city. The most recent was Wednesday morning.
Unique Schools Teaching Students To Code Only Collecting Tuition Once You Get A JobCBS2's Dick Brennan explains how a career in coding might be paving the way for students – allowing them to wait before they pay.
'I Could've Been Killed': Falling Bricks From Midtown Building Leave 2 People InjuredBricks falling from an office building in Midtown sent two people to the hospital Tuesday morning.
New York Congresswoman Calling For Ban On All Non-Essential Helicopter Flights Over ManhattanIn the wake of Monday's deadly crash in Midtown, there have been renewed calls to ban helicopters from flying over Manhattan.
New Yorkers' 9/11 'PTSD' Tested By Skyscraper Chopper CrashNearly 18 years after the 9/11 terror attacks, New Yorkers understandably have a bit more anxiety than most when they hear a building was hit by an aircraft.
Congress Says It Is Working Hard To Extend 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund IndefinitelyWhile most of us would run away from a burning building, firefighter Rob Serra ran towards one on 9/11 after he got the call the World Trade Center had been hit.
Four Seasons, NYC's Famed Power Lunch Spot, Closing AgainNew York's famed Four Seasons Restaurant is closing less than a year after it reopened in a new location.
Drivers Stuck In Traffic For Hours Thanks To NYC's Sudden One-Way Policy On 11th AvenueBetter traffic flow? Fuhgeddaboudit! Drivers in Manhattan aren’t buying the city’s seemingly half-baked plan to ease congestion on 11th Avenue, heading towards the Lincoln Tunnel.
'Project Yellow Light' Scholarship Reveals Winners Of Anti-Texting And Driving Campaign In NYCThe project was established in 2007 by the family of Hunter Garner to honor his memory after his death in a car crash at age 16.
De Blasio Angers More Voters, Skipping Puerto Rican Day Parade To Chase Votes In IowaBill de Blasio is quickly running out of people he hasn’t ticked off since announcing he was running for president.
Authorities: Ashiqul Alam Of Queens Wanted To Attack Times Square With Guns, Suicide Vests And GrenadesSources tell CBS2 Ashiqul Alam anted to buy guns, ammunition and grenades to use in an attack on Times Square.