2/7 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt's been a chilly day across the area and even some flurries/snow showers from time to time earlier today.
2/2 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you're heading out this morning be sure to be EXTRA careful.
2/1: CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe're seeing some light snow spreading into the area right now but the main story will be overnight into the morning commute.
1/31 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesAll I can say is BRRRR! It's sure been a frigid day across the region and gusty winds haven't helped us one bit!
1/26: CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe're watching the first few flakes moving into the region this morning, and we'll have on and off light snow showers during the day, nothing serious...perhaps 1-3" by sunset.
1/25: CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt appears our luck this winter is about to run out - in a big way.
1/25 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather HeadlinesGood morning everybody! Today is shaping up to be a much better day than yesterday, but it won't be without its issues.
1/24: CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesAnother weekend, another round of wintry precip...this time, we had more snow than ice/rain.
1/19: CBS2 Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you do have to venture out early this morning, take extra care because black ice is a concern.
1/18: CBS2 Evening Weather HeadlinesWhat a nasty mess of a day it's been! Some folks ended up with over 2" of rain, after an icy start this morning.
1/18 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather HeadlinesGood morning! It's cold out there right now, but that will change as we head through the day.