New York Weather: CBS2 3/31 Sunday Evening HeadlinesAs expected it was a cooler and rainy finish to the weekend and to the month of March. The good news is that the steadies rain will be heading east of the area and we'll be enjoying drier conditions over the next few days.
New York Weather: 3/18 CBS2 Monday Morning HeadlinesGood Monday morning everybody! It's another cold start across the area with most folks in the 20s, some outlying 'burbs in the teens!
New York Weather: CBS2 3/17 Sunday Evening HeadlinesAfter a beautiful (albeit crisp) St. Patrick's Day, we'll enjoy pretty tranquil conditions through the night. It'll be on the cold side though, with temps dropping into the 20s for most overnight.
12/10 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesGood Monday mornin', everybody! It's another cold morning as you head to work or school, but thankfully not quite as frigid as this past weekend.
11/23 CBS2 Black Friday Weather HeadlinesHappy Friday, everybody! It's another brutally cold morning across the area with temps in the single digits & teens...and even a few subzero spots!
11/12 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe're starting off with another cold morning...but thankfully we don't have any nasty wind chills to deal with! It'll be clear to start but clouds will move in ahead of our next storm system.
11/5 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesGood morning folks! Make sure you grab the rain gear as you head to work or school, as it will be a rather damp start to the work week.
10/22 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesBRRR! We're starting off the morning of the new work week on a frosty note as temps are only in the 30s across the area, along with a slight wind chill!
9/8 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesClouds ruled much of the day, and they helped keep our temps below normal. Expect a cloudy night with a chance for light rain, and some pretty cool temps in the 50s areawide!
9/3 CBS2 Labor Day Weather HeadlinesGood Monday morning and Happy Labor Day! If you're off from work today, make sure to take advantage of a bright & hot day!
8/27 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesAfter a couple of days of cooler temps, summer heat will return with a vengeance! Expect mainly sunny skies today with elevated humidity, and the high temps reaching 90 will feel even higher!