'Certified Young Person' Paul Rudd Stars In New PSA Urging People To Wear MasksGov. Andrew Cuomo wants more millenials to wear masks, and he brought in a celebrity to help spread the message. 
Hoboken Considers $250 Fine For Citizens Not Wearing Masks Outside: 'I Just Think It's Gonna Be Unenforceable'Masks are already mandated in New Jersey, but one city is taking it a step further, saying if you don't wear one outside where you can't social distance, you could face a fine.
Trump Encourages Americans To Wear Masks, Warns Pandemic May 'Get Worse Before It Gets Better'President Trump changed his rhetoric on wearing masks in a press conference Tuesday, saying that "they have an impact."
CBS2 Speaks To Experts About What To Do If You Encounter Someone Who Isn't Practicing Social Distancing Or Wearing A MaskWhat would you do if you saw someone breaking the rules?
Woman Talks To CBS2 About Being Purposely Coughed On By Customer Inside Astoria Bagel StoreA woman seen on video getting coughed on inside a Queens coffee shop last Saturday has filed a report with NYPD.
Cuomo To Protesters: Wear A Mask, Not A Chin GuardGov. Andrew Cuomo turned his attention Saturday to protesters who are not wearing their masks properly during protests demanding police reforms following the death of George Floyd. 
Coronavirus Obstacles: Public's Use Of Masks Providing Big Challenges For Hearing ImpairedThe coronavirus pandemic and the health guidelines that have come along with it are creating challenges for all of us.
Coronavirus Update: Talking To Kids About The Importance Of Wearing Masks Amid COVID-19 PandemicWhen you head outside, we see all sorts of face masks, which is easy for adults, but can be tough for kids.
Coronavirus Update: 95-Year-Old Former Seamstress Sewing Masks To Help Save LivesVolunteers of all ages are stepping up to help meet the needs of essential workers.
Coronavirus Update: How To Make Your Own Face Mask At HomeNew York City health officials now say people should cover their faces whenever they leave their homes to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Coronavirus: Mayor Now Urges All New Yorkers To Always Cover Mouths, Noses When Around OthersMayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday a new recommendation about facial covering that all New Yorkers should wear something over their mouths and noses at all times when outside of their homes.