After Mass Shootings, Hollywood Movie 'The Hunt' Canceled, Sparks Outrage For Showing 'Elites' Killing SouthernersMovie trailers that are still circulating around the internet show residents from states like Mississippi and Wyoming being hunted to the death by the extremely wealthy
Latest Back-To-School Craze: Bulletproof Backpacks, With Sales Up 200% To 300%Instead of letting their children choose a plastic backpack covered in Hello Kitty or Spider-Man, some parents are purchasing bags that double as shields in case kids get caught in gunfire.
President Trump Visits Dayton, El Paso In Wake Of Mass ShootingsThe president will spend the day in two cities hundreds of miles apart but united by grief, but not everyone is welcoming his visit.
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Are Mass Shootings A Contagion? NYPD's Intel & Counterterror Chief Says YesThere have been at least 255 mass shootings this year that killed 273 people and injured more than a thousand others.
In Wake Of Latest Mass Shootings, Fed Up N.Y Lawmakers Call On Washington To Finally Act On Gun ReformNew York lawmakers say they have had just about enough of mass shootings.
LI Hospital Offers Free Course On How To ‘Stop The Bleed’ In Mass Casualty ScenariosWhile the country struggles to comprehend the latest school shooting in Florida, one Long Island hospital is offering a program that’s designed to save lives after an attack.
5 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. HistoryA breakdown of the five deadliest mass shootings in the United States.
AP-Times Square Alliance Poll: Mass Shootings, Terror Attacks Gave Americans Bleak Outlook On 2015According to the poll, the most important events to Americans in the past year were the shootings in San Bernardino, California, as well as shootings in South Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee.
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