Bloomberg, Trump Trade Barbs On Twitter, Fueling FeudAs the battle for the White House continues to heat up, President Trump and Michael Bloomberg escalated their feud on Thursday, taking to Twitter to trade insults.
Talking Points: City Council Unveils Newest Plan To Get Homeless Off The StreetsThe panel also discussed former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's recent tweets.
Report: Michael Bloomberg To Endorse Hillary ClintonThe former New York City mayor will be endorsing Hillary Clinton, citing his distaste for GOP candidate Donald Trump.
Bloomberg Commits $50 Million To New Grassroots Gun Safety EffortThe new campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety, will be about targeting political dollars. Candidates who support stronger gun laws will receive money.
Report: Beat Cops Wary Of Potential Stop-And-Frisk Related Lawsuits The report indicated that word of the policy shift had started to hit the street and sources told The Post that there are concerns that it could lead to a spike in violent crimes.
Gotham Gossipist: Occupiers Get EntertainingTired of those run-of-the-mill occupiers? Looking for an occupier with a star quality? Some rhythm maybe? A good singing voice? You’re in luck, the Occupy Wall Street movement now comes complete with an entertainment department, and they’ve created their own movement called Occupy Broadway.
Keidel: Plaxico Burress - Real Sports And Real Life No one with a pen and a pulse would write that Plaxico Burress didn’t deserve to be punished. Fined? Hell, yes. Suspended? Absolutely? Cut? Why not? But jailed for 20 months? That's different.
Keidel: Burress Is A Free Man; Give It A Go, PlaxicoI’m rooting for Plaxico Burress. Not because my beloved Steelers drafted him. Not because he helped your Giants beat the despised Patriots. I’m rooting for him because Burress publicly and privately paid for a crime with no victim.
Bloomberg: 9/11 National Memorial On Schedule For AnniversaryAs the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, 9/11 National Memorial chairman Mayor Bloomberg said construction is moving along exactly as anticipated.
Has NYC Gone Too Far By Banning Smoking In Parks?Smokers have yielded as places to puff have diminished over the years, but many of them and even some nonsmokers are saying the city has gone too far this time.
Bloomberg Asks NYers For Ideas On Going GreenThe Mayor's Office announced Friday that three public forums are planned for December in eastern Queens, upper Manhattan and south Brooklyn.