Tiny Seeds, Big Promise: Breakthrough Procedure Helping Breast Cancer Patients In Just One TreatmentInstead of having to go through months of chemo and radiation, doctors are using just one treatment that's much easier on patients, Dr. Max Gomez reports.
New Jersey Man Has Life-Threatening, Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor Successfully Removed From Neck"It was a relatively quicker surgery than we anticipated, we didn't have to do a reconstruction, and he did well," Dr. Nazir Khan said.
EMS Worker Released From Hospital After Rupturing Aneurysm While Helping ColleagueAuthorities said Wang sprang into action when Liam Glinane, a 63-year-old medical technician, had a stroke while driving an ambulance and crashed on the BQE.
Peanut Allergy Treatment Gets Green Light From FDA Advisory PanelPatients are exposed to small, escalating doses of peanut protein with the goal of desensitizing them.
Stem Cell Procedure Offering Hope Of Breakthrough Cure For Crohn's DiseaseThe experimental procedure is just for Crohn's patients who've failed all other treatments.
'If You Have Breasts, You're At Risk': Survivors Urge Women To Get Screened For Breast Cancer, Regardless Of BRCA Status"That's a huge misconception, that women with a big family history are all related to BRCA. That's just one of the genes. Most women with breast cancer will not have an identifiable mutation," said Dr. Elisa Port, the chief of breast surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital. 
Mt. Sinai Hospital Holds Early Valentine's Party For Heart Patients, ParentsAn early Valentine's Day Party was for heart patients in Manhattan Thursday, celebrating love of the life they have been given.
Some Hospitals Restrict Healthy Visitors To Keep Flu From SpreadingDrastic measures are being taken by hospitals to keep the flu from spreading.
Former Mount Sinai ER Doctor Gets Prison In Sex Abuse CaseA former highly-regarded Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room doctor who admitted to sexually abusing four female patients has been sentenced to prison.
‘I'm Just Grateful We Got Out Of There,’ Residents Recall Frightening Moments During West Side BlazeMany of the victims of Thursday night's West side fire were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.
Minimally Invasive ‘Fusion’ Procedure Could Help Millions Find Relief From Lifelong Back PainIf you need surgery for your back pain, there are now minimally invasive techniques that can get you back on your feet in no time.