New York City Subways To Shut Down From 1-5 A.M. Nightly To Be Disinfected, Cuomo SaysThe nightly shut down will commence at 1 a.m. May 6. 
Police Crack Down On Homeless Individuals Sleeping On Subways, In Stations As Cuomo Calls For Increase In Train CleaningsThe MTA also announced some additional changes to its Code of Conduct on Wednesday.
Police Release New Photo Of Person Wanted For Questioning In Fatal Subway FireThe flames gutted a northbound 2 train and killed its operator, Garrett Goble.
Mayor De Blasio Offers Solution To Homeless Taking Over Subways, But Key Players Are Not On BoardAfter weeks of ugly finger pointing about an increase in the number of homeless on the subways, Mayor Bill de Blasio has offered a solution.
'They Are Transporting This Virus': MTA Subway Conductors Say Trains Are Filthier Than Ever Amid Coronavirus PandemicThe MTA says since early March, the entire fleet of subway cars and buses gets disinfected every 72 hours, but its conductors tell us they're not seeing it.
MTA Officials: Coronavirus Likely To Prevent Congestion Pricing From Starting In January 2021The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's controversial congestion pricing plan is another victim of the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Closure? New York City Council Members Request Temporary Shutdown Of Subway, Bus ServiceThe letter cites the high rate of deaths among MTA workers.
Coronavirus Update: MTA Says It Needs Billions In Aid To Keep RunningThe MTA says fewer riders and toll revenues, down more than 60%, will cost it nearly $6 billion.
Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Says A Return To 'New Normal' Won't Happen Until There's Massive Testing, Orders People To Wear Face Coverings In PublicGov. Andrew Cuomo said that trend line of coronavirus cases is improving, but reopening the economy and a "new normal" in society won't be possible until there's a massive increase in testing.
Coronavirus Update: MTA Agrees To Provide COVID-19 Death Benefit For Workers' FamiliesNearly 60 transit workers have died, including three dozen bus and subway employees.
Coronavirus Update: Video Shows Homeless Taking Over Car After Car On No. 2 Subway LineWhile there's so much focus on having people stay off the streets during the coronavirus pandemic, there's another big problem happening underground.
Coronavirus Update: Demand Grows For Social Distance, Masks On All NYC Public TransportationSocial media posts from subway and buses in the Bronx show overcrowding with zero social distance and commuters not wearing masks.
MTA Worker Suffers Broken Jaw After Being Punched In The Face On The JobMTA workers are part of the essential workforce that’s keeping the city running and making sure first responders and health care workers can travel to the frontlines.
Coronavirus Update: MTA Sends 'Temperature Brigade' Teams To Monitor Transit Workers' HealthAnyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees of higher is being sent home.
Harlem Subway Station Reopens After Suspicious Fire That Killed Train OperatorMTA officials said flames erupted on one of the cars of a northbound 2 train as it pulled into the 110th Street-Central Park North station.