SpaceX Launches Four Astronauts On Crew Dragon Flight To Space StationLighting up the pre-dawn sky, a Falcon 9 rocket with a previously flown first stage roared to life and shot away up the East Coast early Friday, boosting a refurbished SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule into orbit carrying four astronauts on a day-long trip to the International Space Station.
NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Touches Down On Surface Of Mars Ahead Of Historic FlightNASA is gearing up for a historic flight. For the first time ever, the space agency will attempt to fly an aircraft on another planet.
'Touchdown Confirmed!': NASA Celebrates As Perseverance Rover Lands On MarsRacing through space at more than 12,000 mph, NASA's Perseverance Mars rover reached Mars Thursday and pulled off a thrilling seven-minute plunge through the atmosphere to land on the surface of the red planet.
SpaceX Launches 4 Astronauts To Space Station, Beginning New Era For NASALighting up the night sky, four astronauts shot into orbit atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Sunday for a 27-hour voyage to the International Space Station.
NASA Successfully Completes Historic Landing On AsteroidOSIRIS-REx touched down on the asteroid for approximately 16 seconds. A robotic arm then grabbed a handful of soil and rocks, before the spacecraft took off again.
Scientists Project Asteroid To Approach Earth On Eve Of Election DayScientists are tracking Asteroid 2018VP1. There are no pictures of it flying through space since it's quite small, by the universe's standard.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Astronauts Splash Down In Gulf Of Mexico After Historic Test FlightTwo NASA astronauts returned to Earth on Sunday in a dramatic, retro-style splashdown, their capsule parachuting into the Gulf of Mexico.
Stony Brook Professor Among Scientists Who Designed Critical Instrument On NASA's Mars Rover 'Perseverance'Nasa's Perseverance rover blasted off from Kennedy Space Center, starting its seven-month journey to Mars.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Docks With Space Station After Historic LaunchSpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule caught up with the International Space Station early Sunday and glided in for a problem-free docking.
SpaceX, NASA Make History With Afternoon Launch SpaceX and NASA made history by launching two astronauts into Earth’s orbit on Saturday afternoon.
Long Island Woman Jasmin Moghbeli Welcomed As Newest NASA AstronautHer outer space dreams began in the sixth grade, and from Long Island to NASA, Jasmin Moghbeli is America’s newest astronaut.