National Grid Gas Nightmare: Brooklyn Family Of 9 Without Gas Since Moving Into Dream Home In JulyChaya Horowitz and her family have been unable to take hot showers, use the stove or even cook basic meals.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: Queens Family Paying Mortgage On Empty House And Rent For Temporary Apartment"At this point it feels like we're pawns in a bigger political game," said Talwinder Singh.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: Brooklyn Pretzel Business The Latest Victim Of Utility's Political StandoffCBS2's Marcia Kramer is demanding answers from New York State and National Grid as a Brooklyn business desperately waits for their gas hookups from the utility.
National Grid Gas: Family's Dream Home Becomes 'Nightmare,' May Force Children To Live In ChinaCBS2's Jessica Moore met a woman who says she might have to send her two babies to live with relatives in China if the utility refuses to give them the gas they need to heat their home. 
National Grid Gas Nightmare: Restaurateur Faces Bankruptcy As Company Fights For New PipelineAnother National Grid customer is being used as a pawn in the utility's fight for a gas pipeline.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: CBS2 Demands Answers From Gov. Cuomo After Desperate Family Left With No GasThe utility is refusing service to thousands of customers, claiming a gas shortage, but even the company's own workers say it's all politics.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: CBS2 Gets Action For Customer Refused Service, Thousands More Customers Still Held 'Hostage'Local officials took to a street protest Tuesday over National Grid's ongoing position of refusing gas hookup service to thousands of customers as a pressure tactic toward approval of a new pipeline.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: Brooklyn Lawmaker Blasts Utility's Pressure Tactics, Asks Gov. Cuomo To Find New SupplierThere's new fallout from a natural gas moratorium. Charges of questionable and unfair pressure tactics have been levied against National Grid.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: CBS2 Demands Answers To Gets Gov. Cuomo To Address MoratoriumA gas moratorium that has left homeowners, businesses and community groups in the metropolitan area out of gas finally has the attention of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: After Utility Tears Up Street, Worried Homeowner Given Deadline To Fix MessA Brooklyn homeowner says she's been left to fix a huge hole in front of her house, even though she had nothing to do with creating the problem.
National Grid Gas Nightmare: 'They Have A Greed Problem' As Utility Refuses To Give Desperate Brooklyn Residents New HookupsHomeowners are caught in the middle of a gas dispute, victims of a battle between a company and lawmakers with no end in sight.