New York State Regulators Nix Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline From PennsylvaniaNew York state regulators have rejected a proposed natural gas pipeline that faced strong opposition from environmental groups and top Democratic lawmakers. 
Group Climbs Into Pipe To Protest Natural Gas Pipeline In WestchesterA group climbed into pipe for a natural gas pipeline in northern Westchester County Monday morning, and the sit-in was entering its 16th hour late Monday night as authorities worked to coax the group out.
Protesters Briefly Halt Work On Natural Gas Pipeline Through Westchester CountyProtesters on Friday temporarily stopped work on a controversial gas pipeline through Westchester County – by placing themselves in danger.
Cuomo Announces Veto Of Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Off New York, New Jersey CoastResidents in some coastal communities have opposed the gas line, citing environmental and terrorism risks.
Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Worries Rockaway Peninsula BeachgoersConstruction rigs for a natural gas pipeline have been set up on the ocean, and they are not going anywhere for a while. And the project is making waves.
Opponents Furious At Plans For Gas Pipeline Under Brooklyn, RockawaysOpponents protested Sunday against a planned natural gas pipeline that would pass through Brooklyn and the Rockaways.
Long Islanders Have Their Say, Rip Proposed Natural Gas Transfer StationA heated debate unfolded on Long Island on Tuesday night. At issue was a controversial plan to build a natural gas port off the South Shore, with a promise of jobs and lower energy costs. The people would have none of it.
Natural Gas Pipeline Repairs May Bring Odor To West HarlemResidents of the West Harlem area may notice an odor Monday morning, as crews repair a natural gas pipeline.
President Obama Approves Measure Allowing Natural Gas Pipeline Through Rockaways, BrooklynThe three-mile pipeline would run from the Atlantic Ocean beneath Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways and under Jamaica Bay to Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field.
Bergen County Residents Concerned Over Natural Gas PipelineThe Williams Co. reportedly wants to increase the pressure of its natural gas pipeline -- which runs through six towns -- by 27 percent.
Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy Aganist Natural Gas PipelineA natural gas pipeline bound for Manhattan is planned to go under parts of Hudson County and both supporters and opponents got to voice their opinions at a meeting in Jersey City on Wednesday night.