Schmeelk: NBA, Time To Strike A Deal Is NowNo one really cared about losing preseason basketball games. Now, however, real games -- and real reputations -- are at stake.
Reports: NBA Owners, Players To Resume Talks; Cancellations 'On Hold'Maybe there's some hope for NBA fans after all?
Report: NBA To Cancel 'At Least' Two More Weeks Of SeasonAccording to the New York Daily News, the NBA will announce "at least" two more lost weeks of play on Tuesday.
NBA Lockout: David Stern To Miss 3rd Straight Day Of Talks With FluAfter another long day of negotiations, NBA players and owners left with nothing more than plans for another meeting.
NBA Lockout: Mediation Resumes After 16-Hour SessionNBA owners and players are meeting for a second straight day, shortly after finishing a 16-hour marathon with a federal mediator.
Keidel: David Stern And Billy Hunter Go HuntingYes, the NBA is on the fast track to hardwood hockey, on the verge of the very thing that killed the NHL – a ruined season.
Does Money Really Matter Most In NBA Lockout?NBA owners apparently weren't bluffing when they said they wanted competitive balance just as much as a chance to profit.
NBA Cancels First 2 Weeks Of Regular Season Top negotiators for both sides met for more than seven hours Monday, returning to bargaining about 14 hours after ending talks Sunday night.
NBA Lockout: Preseason Canceled, 82-Game Schedule In Serious DangerWithout an agreement by Monday, the beginning of the NBA season will be canceled, and both sides will lose millions of dollars and perhaps countless fans.
Schmeelk: NBA Fans, There's A Light At The End Of The Lockout TunnelThe best part of Tuesday for NBA fans was the cancellation of the rest of the preseason. That means for season ticket holders like me, there will be no payments for preseason games that no one wants to go to.
NBA Lockout: Players, Owners Engaged In 'Very Huge Day' Of Labor TalksSo it comes down to this. After a lockout that has lasted more than three months, whether the NBA season starts on time could hinge on one "very huge day" in labor talks.