Drivers Wait On Long Lines As New Motor Vehicle Commission Facility Opens In Wayne, New JerseyNew Jersey says the new center in Wayne can handle more customers at a time, but there was still a long line when it opened.
New Jersey Now Allows Online Upgrades For Probationary LicensesThe process started Friday to help reduce long lines at Motor Vehicle Commission centers due to the pandemic.
Don't Want To Wait In Long Lines Outside New Jersey MVC Locations? This Teen Will Hold Your Spot -- For A PriceAnthony Salgado requires his clients to put 25% down, and he says he guarantees that he is in line by 3 a.m.
Long Lines Return At New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Offices After Statewide Computer OutageMany people were trying to get service after a statewide computer outage prevented all transactions Monday.
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Says Computers Back Online After Statewide OutageThe problem is causing major lines at several centers. 
Long Lines, Chaos Persist At New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission; Officials Say More Online Services Will Relieve BacklogIf you need a new license in New Jersey, be prepared to wait. The line at the Motor Vehicle Commission in Wayne snaked through the parking lot Friday. Hundreds arrived before dawn.
Motor Vehicle Commission Chaos: Long Lines Interfering With Businesses In Hazlet; Gov. Murphy: Camping Out Now BannedThe MVC may need to change its name from Motor Vehicle Commission to Motor Vehicle Campsite.
Frustrations Mount As Drivers Wait For Hours Outside New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission OfficesMany people said the MVC should have seen this coming and been more prepared for the massive crowds.
N.J. Assemblyman Offers Solutions To Long Wait Times At Motor Vehicle CommissionThere have been reports of excessive wait times at Motor Vehicle Commission locations across New Jersey. One assemblyman, however, says he has a solution.
Mobile DMV Making Its Way Across New JerseyDrivers can renew licenses and car registrations, get a state ID and even get their vehicles inspected.
New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission Back Online After Major Server OutageLocations across the state couldn't renew licenses or registrations, or process any transaction that requires a payment.