Drowning In Debt, Taxi Drivers Hold 'Day Of Action,' Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge And Rally Outside Of Gracie MansionThere was bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday. The shutdown was caused by taxi drivers.
NYC Yellow Cab Drivers Demand Mayor De Blasio Deliver Much-Needed Debt ReliefBack in August, the mayor said a bailout for taxi drivers could be possible if a new administration came to Washington. With President Joe Biden now in power, taxi drivers say now is the time to act.
Yellow Cab Drivers Rally Near New York City Hall, Asking For Taxi Medallion Debt ReliefMedallion owners would be allowed to repay loans with interest rates capped at 4% and monthly payments at less than $800.
‘This Is What I Live For:’ Taxi Medallion Owners Hopeful That Help Is On The WayTaxi medallions used to be a hot commodity, but their values have plummeted, leaving many owners drowning in debt.
For-Hire Vehicles Get Hit With More Restrictions In NYCPlans for a double cap on for-hire vehicles in the city was announced Wednesday.
Taxi Drivers Demand Exemption From Congestion Pricing ProposalTaxi passengers will pay a $2.50 fee for rides below 96th Street, in addition to more than $3 in other fees. 
New York Taxi Workers Alliance Calls On City To Help Struggling DriversThe group says six drivers have taken their own lives this year and they're blaming financial pressures caused by the huge growth of ride-sharing services.
Sixth NYC Taxi Driver In Six Months Found Dead Of Apparent SuicideIt's the latest in what the union for the city's taxi drivers calls an alarming trend for workers who are facing financial despair.
De Blasio On Uber Deal: There Will Be RulesNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cleared the air Thursday about his administration's surprise deal with ride-hailing service Uber.
Cab Drivers Hope Simple Sign Will Improve On The Job SafetyA Labor Department study said that taxi drivers are 20 times more likely to be killed on the job than other workers. Now, fed up cabbies want action.
Councilman Proposes Black Boxes To Monitor Taxi Drivers' SpeedA plan has been introduced to track New York City cabs, in an effort to curb speeding and other dangerous driving habits.