Players Approve Deal With Owners To End NFL LockoutThe NFL Players Association executive board and 32 team reps have voted unanimously to approve the terms of a deal to the end the lockout.
John Mara: Giants' Osi Umenyiora, Jerry Reese Need 'Man-To-Man' Sit-DownThe NFL lockout is just about over. Now, Giants owner John Mara wants star defensive end Osi Umenyiora to iron out his differences with general manager Jerry Reese.
B&C Morning Show: NFL Almost Back; Yankees Good EnoughAll signs point to the ongoing, ugly NFL lockout will be coming to an end - as reports are saying the players will sign off the the new collective bargaining agreement sometime later today. Then the attention will turn to free agency...
NFLPA Executive Committee To Meet Monday Though no vote is scheduled on ending the four-month lockout, the players association's executive committee will meet in Washington on Monday.
Next Decade Of NFL Labor Peace At Hand Millionaire players will still get their millions, though Cam Newton and other rookies will take a haircut in their contracts. There's an attractive injury protection clause and the prospect of guaranteed medical coverage for life.
When The NFL Preseason Begins, It Could Look Ragged So ragged that the league and its 32 teams are considering ways to placate fans once a labor agreement is completed.
NFL Lockout: Players Reviewing Proposal; Mawae Releases StatementNFL owners overwhelmingly approved a deal to end the lockout on Thursday. Only one problem: The players aren’t ready to join them just yet. And it seems a vote before the weekend is unlikely.
An NFL Lockout Timeline: From Gene Upshaw To Players' DelayNFL owners voted to end the lockout on Thursday, but players have yet to draw a tally on the measure. In fact, they don't seem happy at all, many taking to Twitter last night to voice their displeasure. It's not exactly surprising -- the dispute dates all the way back to 2008.
Giants' Osi Umenyiora, Others React To Owners' Vote For Labor AgreementFrom fans to players to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, reactions were mixed on Thursday's vote by owners in favor of a tentative 10-year agreement to end the lockout.
B&C Morning Show: Brian Billick Uses His Wonderful Hands To Call InHaving already chatted with Charley Casserly about the NFL negotiations, the guys welcomed in the man who coached the Baltimore Ravens to victory in Super Bowl XXXV over the Giants, Brian Billick.
B&C Morning Show: Charley Casserly Breaks Down The NFL NegotiationsBoomer's old buddy Charley Casserly called in this morning to offer his two cents on the never-ending negotiations between the NFL owners and players.
B&C Morning Show: NFL Lockout - Round And Round We GoAfter the countless rumblings that the NFL lockout would be over by the weekend and players would be reporting to camp soon afterward, we still have no agreement. This morning Boomer & Craig opened the Friday edition of "The Extravaganza" talking about the ongoing negotiations that have been dragging since March.
NFL Owners Approve New CBA, Vote To End LockoutNFL owners have voted in favor of a tentative agreement to end the lockout, pending player approval. Thursday's ratification came after a full day of meetings at an Atlanta-area hotel, where team executives pored over the terms of the deal.
NFL Releases Key Terms Of New Collective Bargaining AgreementIf approved by the players, the NFL's new collective bargaining agreement would cover the 2011-2020 seasons and the 2021 draft.
B&C Morning Show: NFL Lockout Negotiations Getting Very Close To EndBoomer & Craig took a break from talking baseball to offer up some thoughts on the NFL and its ongoing labor negotiations. The talks appear to be winding down, which means a period of chaos is on the horizon.