NFL, YouTube Partner To Post Official Clips To Video SiteSearching for Super Bowl highlights next week after the big game? They'll be available, legally, straight from the source.
CBS, NFL Announce Partnership For Thursday Night Football BroadcastCBS is adding a new package to its already loaded NFL lineup next season. “NFL Network built Thursday into a night for NFL fans,” Commissioner Goodell said. “Our goal is to bring these games to more fans on broadcast television."
NFL Receives Bids For Thursday Night TV PackageThe league has used its NFL Network to televise the games, but recently put up the 13-game series for bids and received them from NBC, Fox, CBS and ESPN.
Fox Sports 1, NBCSN Could Be In Line For Thursday Night NFL GamesNFL Network began airing an eight-game package in 2006, which increased to 13 in 2012. The league could sell some of those games to an outside network, starting as soon as next season.
NFL Reportedly Considering Additional Thursday Night GamesSome players and coaches in the National Football League have started speaking out against Thursday night games. Too bad, so sad. The NFL is contemplating an expansion of its Thursday schedule, according to the WSJ.
NFL Considering 'American Idol' Element, Head-To-Head Events For Combine?Already a must-watch event for diehard football fans, the NFL scouting combine could see changes that would make the yearly event more dynamic, engaging and fan-friendly.
Terrell Thomas Thinks 2013 Could Be Giants Coach Tom Coughlin's Swan SongJust how close is Tom Coughlin to retirement? Defensive back Terrell Thomas told the NFL Network he thought his coach would call it a career after the 2012 season.
Darrelle Revis Reacts To Trade Rumors: 'I Need Answers And I'm Not Getting Any' Revis had quite a bit to say about being rendered speechless by reports that the Jets were going to attempt to trade him during the offseason.
Finally! Time Warner Cable Strikes Deal To Carry NFL NetworkRejoice, football fans! The NFL Network is finally coming to Time Warner Cable.
Schwartz: A Look At 'The Faces Of Tim Tebow'Now that I have the NFL Network (thank you, Cablevision), I’ve been able to sink my teeth into all of the great programming they have to offer. Jets fans, don't miss this show Wednesday night.
Cablevision Signs Deal With NFL NetworkThe NFL Network and Cablevision announced a deal Thursday to bring the network to that cable system starting Friday.