Nina In New York: Lammily Finds Average-Looking LoveLet the shallow, looks-obsessed, anatomically improbably Kens and Barbies of the world find one another and struggle to maintain a lifetime of conversation. Lammily and TK were made for each other.
Nina In New York: Isn't It Romantic?I'm pregnant again. What can I say? We're in this thing for life.
Nina In New York: Covering Your Roots Is So 2015Researchers have discovered that the root (ha ha!) of the grey hair dilemma lies with a certain gene. They also discovered that genetics are responsible for other hair conditions, like baldness and that unibrow I've pledged my life to combat.
Nina In New York: Can't Stand In The Way Of Progress, And Who Would Want To?What's sillier than insane and sometimes truly superfluous advances in technology?
Nina In New York: Replacing Water Pitcher Filters Is For SuckersThe pitcher is wi-fi enabled, naturally, and will not only be able to alert its owner to the filter needing a replacement, but it will actually place an Amazon order for replacement filters all on its own.
Nina In New York: The Oscars Of ParentingWhat would life be like if the greatest moments from my year in parenting were honored and memorialized with a prestigious awards ceremony? Without further ado, here are the big winners.
Nina In New York: I Have Reacted To Facebook's Reaction Buttons!Sounds too interesting to pass up, doesn't it?
Nina In New York: A Tale Of Two StudiesEven if your child doesn't know what a vegetable is, her two-pack-a-day M&M habit may still be her saving grace.
Nina In New York: Tidying Up Really Is Life-Changing MagicAll my time shall henceforth be devoted to the expunging of joylessness from my home until sunshine and rainbows come shooting out of our windows like deadly laser beams of psychotic euphoria.
Nina In New York: We Are The Champions Of The GermsRaising children is the greatest, most punishing assault on a person's immune mechanism than any single illness could present.
Nina In New York: The Toys Are Revolting (Not A Double Entendre)I'd say I know some things about toys. And here's what I know: by and large, they're the worst.
Nina In New York: Here's What You Should Do With United's New (Old) Family Pre-Boarding PolicyUnited Airlines is now allowing families traveling with children under age two to board before its first class and elite passengers.
Nina In New York: Looks Like Barbie Is The Only One Taking Her New Year Resolutions SeriouslyOh, hey there, Barbie. It's been so long, I hardly recognized you!
Nina In New York: Curing My Sub-Potty MouthForget the four-letter words. I need to start watching everything I say around my child.
Nina In New York: Postpartum Depression Screening Recommendations Better Late Than NeverNow, I feel a strong responsibility to be forthright about what I went through.