Producer: Timely Series Of Events Triggered Alosi-GateWhen Dolphins rookie Reshad Jones stayed out of bounds too long on a Miami punt against the New York Jets, he never could have known he was setting up an NFL scandal.
Jets' 'Wall-Gate' Prompts NFL To Clarify Sideline RulesThe NFL sent a letter to the 32 teams Thursday reminding them of the rules and restrictions for the bench area and sidelines. The letter was sent in the wake of Jets coach Sal Alosi tripping Miami's Nolan Carroll in Sunday's game.
Dolphins' Carroll: I 'Can't Get Away' From Alosi Replay"The past couple of days it has been continuous, every channel I turn to," Miami Dolphins rookie cornerback Nolan Carroll said Wednesday. "I'm just trying to watch TV. I can't get away from it."
Alosi Suspended Indefinitely, Ordered Jets' 'Human Wall'The Jets have suspended Sal Alosi indefinitely for ordering Jets personnel to line up on the sideline - in order to prevent Miami Dolphins punt returner Nolan Carroll from running out of bounds.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Who Ordered 'Code Red'?As if the Jets losing two games in a row wasn’t enough, today we are still talking about Sal Alosi and the tripping incident he was involved in on Sunday.
Hot Topic: December 15The Jets' Sal Alosi tripping incident got an extra dose of juice Tuesday, when ex-Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas accused Gang Green of intentionally lining up their coaches on the sideline in order to keep Nolan Carroll in bounds.
Jets Blog: Jets Drop The Ball...AgainSantonio Holmes wasn’t the only member of the Jets organization to drop the ball this week. Ownership and the front office did it too.
Alosi Trip-Gate Reminds Maegle Of '54 Sideline ShenanigansDicky Maegle gladly retold the story Monday night of his own sideline shenanigans, shortly after a New York Jets assistant coach was suspended and fined for tripping a Miami Dolphins player.
Jets' Alosi Suspended For Season, Fined $25,000The Jets trainer who tripped a Miami Dolphins player on the sideline during a game Sunday says he "wasn't thinking" when he did it, and has not yet received any discipline from the team or the NFL.
Keidel: Jets All WetThe roof collapsed on the Giants, and it landed on the Jets. If the Jets got a mulligan for the mauling in New England, they’ve lost all the latitude that their fans have given them after a sizzling 9-2 start.
Sanchez 'Sick' Over Jets' Sloppy Loss To DolphinsSix days after an embarrassing loss, things got even worse for the New York Jets. The offense was inexplicably flat, the quarterback was nearly benched and — get this — a coach on the sideline tripped and injured a Miami Dolphins player.