Children Of Long Island's COVID-19 Nursing Home Dead Want 'Horrific Experience' To EndA group of protestors and their assemblyman are calling for a federal probe into New York State's nursing home deaths, pointing fingers at the governor.
AP Count: Over 4,300 Virus Patients Sent To NY Nursing HomesMore than 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to New York’s already vulnerable nursing homes under a controversial state directive that was ultimately scrapped.
Coronavirus Toll: What Impact Did New York’s Nursing Home Mandate Have On COVID-19 Deaths?New York has 40% more nursing home patients than Florida, but 700% more nursing home covid deaths. Was a state mandate to blame?
New York City Stepping Up Support For Nursing Homes, Mayor Calls For More Home-Based CareAs of May 18, there were 5,630 coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes statewide, with 3,050 in the city alone. Those
Gov. Cuomo Announces New Regulations For Nursing Homes; Says There Are 3 Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Deaths, 2 More Under InvestigationAll nursing home staff must now be tested for COVID-19 for twice a week. Hospitals also now can not discharge patients to a nursing home unless they test negative for coronavirus.
Families, Nursing Home Improvising Safe In-Person Reunions For Mother's DayOne nursing home on Long Island has an answer for all the moms who cannot be with loved ones because they are staying safe in isolation.
Coronavirus Nightmare: Report Gives Insight Into How Corpses Ended Up Stacked Up Inside Andover Senior HomeThe assisted living home in Andover that had bodies stacked up in a small room is facing more than $220,000 in fines after a recent investigation.
Faced With Thousands Of Deaths, Nursing Homes Nationwide Seek Shield From LawsuitsFaced with 20,000 coronavirus deaths and counting, the nation’s nursing homes are pushing back against a potential flood of lawsuits with a sweeping lobbying effort to get states to grant them emergency protection from claims of inadequate care.
Coronavirus Toll: 'Absolutely Horrifying' Surge Of 98 Dead At NYC Nursing HomeThe 705-bed center confirmed that through Wednesday 46 residents who tested positive for COVID-19 had died as well as an additional 52 people "suspected" to have the virus.
Coronavirus In Nursing Homes: Cuomo Pledges Investigation, Surge Of Supplies And Staff On The Way, De Blasio SaysMayor Bill de Blasio says a surge of supplies and staff will be sent to nursing homes around the city this week.
N.J. Long-Term Care Company With 11 Facilities Dealing With Staffing Issues Due To Coronavirus FearsFor the first time, CBS2 is hearing from a New Jersey long-term care facility that has been plagued by COVID-19.