Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Dies; Oil Prices Rise On Wall StreetSaudi Arabia's King Abdullah has died at the age of 90, according to Saudi state TV.
New Jersey Gas Prices Continue To DropMotorists continue to see sharply lower prices at the pumps in New Jersey.
Falling Fuel Prices Could Mean Lower Home Heating CostsFuel Prices are falling and home owners may be in a position to cash in on the lowest oil heating prices all year.
Expert: Debt Ceiling Crisis, Hurricane Season Could Send Home Heating Oil Prices SkywardThe average home heating oil prices in Connecticut hover at the $3.60 per gallon mark.
Sen. Schumer: Break Up Big Oil Companies So Gas Prices Come Down QuickerIt's been sticker shock at the gas pumps for more than a month. Almost daily, there have been price hikes, adding 45 cents to the cost of each gallon. But are our elected officials willing to do something about the skyrocketing prices?
Gas Prices Dip Below $3 At Some New Jersey StationsOil analyst Tom Kloza said that, on balance, we'll see better prices next year, but the days of $1.39 a gallon gas are gone.
Gas Price Jump Shocks New Jerseyans, Has Some People Cutting BackThe price jumped 11 cents in the Garden State and Friday's weekly increase was something even Jersey drivers consider high.
Bloomberg: Time For Buildings To Convert To Cleaner FuelsNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that now is the perfect time for buildings to convert to cleaner heating fuels and the city wants to help them do it, WCBS 880's Rich Lamb reported.
AAA Mid-Atlantic: Average Price Of Gas Continues To Rise In New JerseyMotorists continue to see higher prices at the pumps in New Jersey. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular gasoline in New Jersey on Friday was $3.62, up a penny from last week.
Shoe's On Other Foot: Now Republicans Blaming Democrats For High Gas PricesSome are blaming President Barack Obama for the sky-high gas prices, claiming he wants to help enforce the "use-less gas lifestyle" he wants Americans to adopt.
Oil Analyst Blames Iran For High Gas PricesHigh gas prices are no surprise in the summer, but they've gone up this winter.