New Report On Long Island Opioids Epidemic Offers Glimmer Of Hope, But Much Work RemainsA new report on the opioid crisis finds that it could be costing Long Island's economy billions.
Government Grant Gives Former Opioid Addicts Opportunity For EmploymentA U.S. Department of Labor grant issued to Suffolk County, is earmarked for those affected by the opioid crisis. It awards part-time temporary employment at nonprofits. 
N.J. School Board Introduces New Video To Help Student-Athletes Combat OpioidsNew Jersey has a new tactic to prevent kids from getting hooked on opioids, especially student-athletes.
Queens Doctor Sentenced To 7 Years For Prescribing Deadly Amounts Of OpioidsA doctor who prescribed deadly doses of narcotics to patients will now spend years in prison.
Experts Pushing For More Widespread Use Of Medication To Fight Opioid AddictionAn expert says when paired with counseling, it is the most effective way to treat the problem.
Johnson & Johnson To Pay In Opioid SuitJohnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay over $500 million in a lawsuit about opioid prescriptions.
NYC Drug Overdose Stats Down, Fentanyl Still Top KillerA total of 1,444 people died in 2018 from an overdose, 38 fewer than in 2017.
Experts Warn On Deadly Addiction Risks Of Opioids Given After Wisdom Teeth RemovalThere's a new warning out about painkiller addiction and how it can start after a common surgery.
28 Arrested, 40,000 Doses Of Opioids Seized In New Jersey Drug Ring BustPolice also found 22 guns, including five assault rifles, during the busts in Trenton and Paterson.
Johnson & Johnson At Center Of Landmark Trial Against Drug Makers Tied To Opioid CrisisOpening statements were made Tuesday in a landmark trial that could determine whether states can hold drug makers responsible for the opioid crisis.
Suffolk County High School Known For Athletics Excellence To Train All Coaches To Spot Substance AbuseThere's a new form of teamwork in the battle against substance abuse. High school coaches on Long Island have been enlisted to help spot drug and alcohol abusers and respond with support.