#MetsAreBetterThan Trending Nationwide On Twitter In Light Of Amazins' Fast StartOn Thursday afternoon, #MetsAreBetterThan was trending nationwide, and it elicited a wide range of comments. Here were some of the responses.
Jose Reyes Gets Wild Mix Of Cheers, Jeers From Mets FansThe announced attendance was 20,192, the smallest of the season at Citi Field. But those Mets fans in the stands Tuesday night sure could make some noise.
Dyer: Mets' Terry Collins Is The 'Anti-Guillen'If Ozzie Guillen is the quick-fix it takes to win the NL East, the Mets should proudly sign up for a losing season.
Keidel: Ozzie Guillen - Lost In More Than Translation The First Amendment is our most prized and most perilous constitutional right. Just ask Ozzie Guillen, who always took his to the ledge, and now must defend his use of it to the world and to Miami’s enraged Cuban community.
Ex-Met, Fellow Venezuelan Alfonzo 'Surprised' By Castro Comments; Guillen SuspendedOzzie Guillen's remarks sparked an uproar in Miami, whose home team just opened up its brand new ballpark in a neighborhood dubbed Little Havana.
Logan Morrison Possesses Superstar Potential For New-Look MarlinsThe new-look Marlins will have no shortage of storylines over the next few years, but Logan Morrison might be getting the most press of anyone.
Mets' Alderson: Maybe I Should Have Sent Reyes 'A Box Of Chocolates'Jose Reyes felt the love from the Miami Marlins. And the money. What did he feel he got from the Mets? An opportunity to play in the big leagues -- and that's about it.
Alderson: Mets Never Made Formal Offer To Miami-Bound Jose ReyesFor Miami, the winter meetings are set to open with a bang. For Mets fans, a bust.
Hartnett: Yankees’ Best Free Agent Bet Is Mark BuehrleBrian Cashman should turn his full attention to free agent starter Mark Buerhle. The former White Sox ace can fill the Yankees' craving for a reliable starter.
Blue Jays Stealing Signs? Yankees' Russell Martin Said So In July, New Report Backs Him UpToronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos says a report accusing his team of stealing signs at home is "stupid" and "has got a lot of holes in it." This isn't the first time the Blue Jays have been accused of relaying signs. Just ask Yankees catcher Russell Martin.
Guillen: Asians Privileged, Latinos NotIn his latest rant, the outspoken Guillen said it's unfair that Japanese players are assigned translators when they come to the U.S. to play pro ball, but Latinos are not.