LG Electronics, Critics Resolve Dispute Over Planned Englewood Cliffs TowerAn electronics company will sharply reduce the height of its planned 143-foot corporate tower in a northern New Jersey community, resolving concerns raised by critics.
Brush Fire Rages Near Palisades Parkway In Alpine, N.J.A massive brush fire was burning Saturday night on near the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey.
Bail Remains At $1,000,000 After Court Throws Out NJ Man’s Murder Conviction Bail remains at $1 million for the New Jersey man whose murder conviction for pushing his wife off the cliffs at the Palisades in 1992 was overturned.
Palisades Joins List Of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places In U.S.The list is curated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a non-profit group. The group says the Palisades is threatened by "inappropriate development," referring to the planned LG Electronics headquarters.
Lawmaker Launches Bill That Could Derail LG's New Jersey HQ PlansThere is a new twist in the fight against a proposed Englewood Cliffs building that opponents say will ruin the view of the Palisades -- and may lead to more development.
Environmental Group Takes To YouTube In Fight Against LG Building On PalisadesEnvironmental groups and some New York politicians have been trying to stop the construction of an eight-story building along the pristine palisades in New Jersey.
Palisades Commission Asks LG To Lower Height Of Planned New HeadquartersThe commission unanimously approved a resolution Monday night that stated LG Electronics' proposed 143-foot-high headquarters in Englewood Cliffs poses a threat to the scenic beauty to the area north of the George Washington Bridge.
Stories From Main Street: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration In Southern Rockland CountyResearchers say underground carbon dioxide storage is one possible hope for mitigating climate change.
Man Rescued After Falling Off Cliff In New Jersey PalisadesFirst responders rescued a man who fell off a cliff in the New Jersey Palisades Sunday.
LG Electronics Vows To Move Ahead With Englewood Cliffs TowerLG Electronics is moving forward with plans to build a 143-foot office tower in Englewood Cliffs after a judge paved the way for the project last week.
Judge: 143-Foot Office Building Can Be Built On The PalisadesOpponents plan to appeal a judge’s ruling in favor of constructing a new office tower in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., in what some argue would ruin the pristine view of the Palisades.