Stamford Making Upgrades To Improve Street SafetyMayor David Martin said the city plans to make street signage more consistent and synchronize traffic lights.
City Council Set To Approve Traffic Safety Measures Under Vision Zero InitiativeThe council is ready to pass 17 bills and resolutions related to the mayor's Vision Zero plan.
Legislation Could Mean More Speed Cameras For NYC, Long IslandLegislation introduced in Albany dramatically expands the number of speed cameras in New York City, and lets Nassau and Suffolk counties install them too.
Protesters Cover NYPD Signs Urging Pedestrian Safety On Upper West SideSigns of tension erupted on the Upper West Side Tuesday, as a pedestrian set up signs protesting a police initiative targeting pedestrians following a series of traffic deaths.
Report: Children In Low-Income Areas More Likely To Be Struck By CarsThe report, which focused on neighborhoods on Manhattan’s East Side, found that children are most often struck by drivers near public housing.
Nassau County Working To Make Roads Safer For PedestriansThere are over 300 roads in Nassau County on Long Island and many of them are just not safe for pedestrians.
Crosswalk Crackdown In New JerseyNew Jersey's new crosswalk regulations have been in effect for several months but there is still plenty of confusion for both drivers and pedestrians.
City Aims To Improve Pedestrian SafetyStarting this month, 1,500 intersections across the city will get pedestrian countdown clocks and speed limits may be reduced to 20 mph in some residential areas.