Suspected Peeping Tom Caught On Video Terrifies Staten Island FamilyOn Jan. 3, between 6 and 10 p.m., a man allegedly walked onto a 64-year-old woman’s property multiple times and peered into her windows.
Possible Peeping Tom Caught On Video Carrying Ladder To Woman's Bedroom WindowBedford Police want your help identifying a young man caught on surveillance video carrying a ladder to the bedroom window of home on Cliffside Lane. 
Naked Peeping Tom Has New Jersey Neighborhood UnnervedA naked man has been spotted lurking in a New Jersey neighborhood at least four separate times.
Peeping Tom Allegedly Spotted On Upper West Side Fire EscapeAn Upper West Side woman says she has spotted a peeping Tom looking at her from her fire escape multiple times.
Police: Peeping Tom Targeted Woman In Fitting Room At Long Island StoreSuffolk County police on Friday were asking the public to help them find an alleged peeping tom, who police said put a recording device in a fitting room as a woman changed in a department store.
Report: Man Charged With Secretly Filming People Through WindowsA man was charged this week with surreptitiously filming women through their open windows from an elevated subway platform in the South Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, according to a published report.
EXCLUSIVE: Deer Cam Busts Alleged Peeping Tom Stalker In MiddletownThere was a noise in the night and then a sickening discovery. A suburban homeowner found out that she'd been "stalked" and spied-on by a trusted neighbor. She said he was finally caught because she got the evidence on video.
Cops: Serial Video Voyeur Busted Inside White Plains Mall BathroomA White Plains man was arrested for video taping women using the restroom at the popular Galleria Mall. And police said he admitted to doing it many times before.