NYPD Warns Seniors About Scam Claiming Grandson Needs Cash For BailThe NYPD says grandparents should beware of a scam targeting seniors. The victims are told their grandson is in trouble with the law and needs cash for bail.
Police: 78-Year-Old Turns Tables On Would-Be Scammer, Helps Get Him ArrestedThere's another phone scam targeting the elderly for cash. The Nassau County Police Department says this one has a new twist, but in this case, the senior was even smarter.
Law Enforcement Warns Of 'Spoofing' Phone ScamSuffolk County police are sounding the alarm on a phone scam known as "spoofing." Police say it's particularly concerning because it looks like you're getting an official call from the government.
Phone Scammers Pose As Social Security Administration To Dupe Victims Out Of MoneyWestchester's Department of Consumer Affairs is hearing from people worried about the latest twist to the old scam. 
How To Stop Robocalls From Bothering YouScammers often spoof calls, disguising the digits to make it look like a familiar number. New tech may end that problem.
Experts: Beware Of The 809 Area Code Phone ScamThe spam calls keep coming, but this one leaves a voicemail and it sounds like you should call them back. The call, however, could cost you.
CBS2 Exclusive: Phone Scammers Impersonate Midtown Computer Help BusinessA new phone scam has even experts stumped on how to stop it.
CBS2 Exclusive: Scammers Are Calling, Threatening To Shut Off L.I. Businesses' ElectricitySome small businesses on Long Island are the latest targets of utility scammers who make an urgent demand.
'Grandparent Scam' Targets Elderly Residents In Nassau CountyAn 86-year-old woman received a phone call from someone claiming to be an officer in the Dominican Republic, saying her grandson was involved in a car accident and she needed to send $9,800 to cover the damages.
Police: Woman Robbed Of $10,000 After Suspect Pretends To Be Daughter Over Phone A woman was bilked out of $10,000 after three individuals pulled an elaborate phone scam on her in Queens.
Scam Artists May Have Stalked Social Media To Target Westchester Family In Kidnapping Phone Scheme A Westchester family was hit by an unusual phone scam and the scam artists may have used social media to gather detailed information to target the victims.