Plane Noise Prompts East Hills Residents To Flood Port Authority With Complaints Loud planes have caused a small Long Island town to file thousands of complaints with the Port Authority.
The Jet Of The Future Only Has Window SeatsThe jet of the future has faster travel times and huge digital screens that feel as if every seat is a window seat.
Loud Cellphone Talkers Next Bane Of Air Travelers?The Federal Communications Commission is considering lifting its longtime prohibition on making cell phone calls on airplanes, saying it is time "to review our outdated and restrictive rules.''
More Than 20 Planes Fly Over Hudson River ThursdayThe aircraft will fly south for approximately 15 minutes before departing to the west, back to Sky Manor Airport.
New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Ban On Some Laser PointersThe New Jersey State Senate on Monday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would ban the sale of certain powerful laser pointers.
TSA Drops Plan To Allow Small Knives On PlanesThe proposal had drawn fierce opposition from lawmakers, airlines and others who said it would place passengers and crews at risk.
Schumer Files Legislation To Overturn 'Foolhardy' TSA Plan Allowing Knives On PlanesThe opposition surrounding the Transportation Security Administration's decision to allow small knives on airplanes continues to grow.
L.I. Man Accused Of Pointing Laser At Plane, Police HelicopterA Long Island man was out of jail on $10,000 bond Wednesday, after being charged with aiming a laser pointer at two aircraft.
Airplane Germs Are Everywhere, Just Waiting To Make You SickSomeone usually tells you to "pack your patience" when you fly during the holidays. But what you should be doing is packing hand sanitizer.
Amtrak Restores Most Service On Week Before Labor DayAmtrak officials said flooding had receded, repairs were made and service would resume Wednesday morning.
Skies Over Rockland County To Get NoisierThe FAA airspace redesign is intended to ease congestion and delays at the three main New York City area airports starting in 2012.