Plastic Pollution Solution? New Enzyme Breaks Down Key Type Of PlasticThe research could offer a new way to recycle millions of tons of plastic. 
New York City Council Considers Shopping Bag Fee LegislationThe 10-cent carry out bag fee would apply to markets and bodegas, street vendors selling fruit, vegetables and general merchandise and retail stores including clothing, drug and department stores.
What's Best For The Environment: Do This, Not ThatWhen trying to determine what is best for the environment, there are several options we are faced with. Here are some helpful and simple pointers to lead a greener lifestyle.
Boards To Be Eliminated On 5 Blocks Of Coney Island BoardwalkFive blocks of the Coney Island boardwalk will soon no longer be made of boards.
CT St. Sen. Wants Nickel Tax On ALL Grocery BagsCT St. Sen. Wants Nickel Tax On ALL Grocery Bags
NY Research Group Cautions Parents About Toy Safety Choking hazards and toxic chemicals are among the dangers outlined in the New York Public Interest Research Group's "Trouble in Toyland" report.
UConn Main Campus Now On Single-Stream RecyclingThe days of sorting metal, plastic and other recycling items into separate bins are over on the University of Connecticut's flagship campus.
Recycling Advocates: Expanded Bottle Bill A SuccessState and national recycling advocates are hailing the first year of New York's expanded bottle deposit law as a success.
Will Westchester Co. Expand Recycling Program?Westchester residents may soon recycle more than soda bottles.
Consumer: Debunking Myths About Going 'Green'
Consumer: Debunking Myths About Going 'Green'