Powerful Snow Squall Socks New York As Polar Vortex Settles In Across Tri-State AreaNew York City’s Office of Emergency Management has issued a travel advisory for the afternoon commute, when a snow squall is expected to move through the area.
New York Weather: What Is A Polar Vortex?The area of counterclockwise-rotating of cold, dense air, typically piled up at the North Pole, is spreading due to low pressure weakening. 
New York Weather: Tri-State Feels 1-2 Punch From Wintry Mix, Polar VortexIt was a real winter wonderland out in New Jersey, with roads already slick and the worst still to come.
New York Weather: Experts Say Now Is The Time To Winterize Your House And RideWith a stretch of frigid weather on the way, there are some steps you may want to take to get your house and car ready.
New York Weather: With Polar Vortex Coming, Here's What You Need To Know To Stay Safe In The ColdEven a short time outside can be risky with the frigid wind chills coming.
Stay Safe From Frigid Weather By Staying Inside, Experts SayThe cold weather is more than uncomfortable, it can also be a health risk if you're not careful.
New Yorkers Prepare For Startlingly Cold Weather AheadWhile it may not be nice to fool Mother Nature, it’s okay for her to fool us.
Experts: Polar Vortex Has Crippled This Summer's Hydrangea BloomYou know summer is in full swing when you see those gorgeous blue hydrangea flowers -- arguably the most popular shrubs in our area. But this year, the most common of the beloved hydrangea is missing from our landscape.
CBS 2 Gets Results: Crews Kickoff $11.2-Million Palisades Parkway FaceliftRoad renovations were underway on the Palisades Parkway, on Monday night. The DOT took action following a CBS 2 report on the pothole ridden road over the winter.
PSEG Customers Brace For High Surcharge Through MarchThe polar vortex is behind the jump in costs. The frigid temperatures have pumped up the price of natural gas that's used to fuel power plants on Long Island, so those costs are being passed along to PSEG electric customers.
Tri-State Faces Second Day Of Bitter Cold, But Temperatures WarmingThe Tri-State area is facing another frigid cold day, but temperatures are warmer Wednesday than the record-breaking lows that left the region in a deep freeze Tuesday.