NYPD Official Says Officers Seen On Video Being Doused With Water Should've Been TougherThere's new outrage after videos surfaced showing people disrespecting the badge. Water and even buckets were thrown at NYPD officers during the recent heat wave.
Social Media Videos Show NYPD Officers Being Doused With Water, Hit With BucketsThe NYPD says in both cases, no arrests were made and the agency is investigating.
NYPD Union Heads To Miami, Protests Mayor De Blasio On His Big Night At Democratic DebateThe hometown crowd has come out in a big way for Bill de Blasio – but they’re not cheering him on, they’re letting Democrats know he’s not even liked in his own city.
PBA Officers Take To The Streets In Push For Fair PayMembers of the NYC Patrolmen's Benevolent Association handed out leaflets to commuters this morning with hopes of to gaining public support in their push for fair pay.
PBA Asks De Blasio To 'Prove It' In Ad Campaign On Fair PayThe New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association is taking aim at Bill de Blasio -- and is using the mayor's own words to do it.
NYPD Officers Rally Outside Gracie Mansion Over Arbitrator's 1 Percent RaiseAn arbitrator gave police officers a one percent raise each year for a two-year period covering 2010 and 2012.
Union Head: Long Island Parks, Beaches Need More PoliceMore than 20 million people visit the beaches and parks every summer, but there are only 35 parks police officers on Long Island.
Nassau County Finance Board To Vote On Ending Wage FreezeThe state's approval of speed cameras will help pay some of the $129 million price tag.
Nassau County Lawmakers Vote Unanimously To End 3-Year Wage FreezeThe move granted approval for contracts that reinstate cost-of-living wages in exchange for union givebacks. Nassau's fiscal control board - known as NIFA - must still approve the deal.
L.I. Lawmaker Peter Schmitt Found In Contempt By Federal Judge, Fined $2,500A Long Island lawmaker who admitted to revealing portions of an internal investigation about police failures in a domestic-violence case that led a woman's death was found in contempt by a federal judge on Friday. He was fined $2,500.