Camden Police Chiefs Quit Countywide Police Department Plan The Camden County Police Chiefs Association said the county's freeholder board was making decisions about the force without consulting with a committee in charge of planning the department.
Both Sides Prepare Closing Arguments In NYPD Rape TrialClosing arguments were expected Thursday in the six-week long trial of two police officers charged with rape. Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata could face up to 25 years in prison if they're convicted.
NYPD Officer Moreno Under Cross-Examination: 'I Don't Kiss And Tell'It was another day of cross-examination for NYPD officer Kenneth Moreno as assistant district attorney Coleen Balbert grilled the cop accused of rape about the details on the night in question.
Kenneth Moreno, NYPD Officer Accused Of Rape, Breaks Down On StandNew York City police officer Kenneth Moreno, accused of raping an intoxicated woman in her Village apartment after helping her to get home, will return to the stand to face cross-examination. He claims he was just comforting a drunk, troubled woman.
Jersey City Cops Protest LayoffsThe city said the cuts could be averted if the officers agree to concessions, like giving up their $1,300 annual uniform allowance.
Eye Expert To Assess Woes In NY Crime LabA recent assessment cited the lab with failing to comply with procedures on maintaining equipment, instruments and more than a dozen other issues.
NY Crime Lab On Probation After ReviewAmong the problems were a failure to comply with procedures on maintaining equipment and instruments and failure to properly document procedures for record storage.
Jersey City May Lay Off Dozens Of CopsJersey City has proposed laying off 89 members of its police department, including 82 officers.
Critical Mass Cyclists Settle With NYC For $1 MillionBicyclists who were arrested or ticketed in Critical Mass rides in New York say they have settled with the city for nearly $1 million.
NYPD Paid Nearly $1 Billion To Settle LawsuitsThe fiancee and friends of an unarmed man killed in a 50-bullet police shooting said they wanted justice. The city did what it has done time and time again: pay.
Falsely Accused NY Brothers Reach SettlementJose and Maximo Colon were charged with selling two bags of cocaine worth $100 in January 2008, but a video from nightclub security cameras backed up the brothers' accounts that they did nothing wrong.