Campaign 2020: Mayor De Blasio Pressed About Police Suicides During Town Hall EventAn NYPD officer asked him how he plans to provide for the mental health of U.S. troops when the city’s own police officers have a high suicide rate.
President Trump Arrives At G-7 Summit As Trade War With China IntensifiesPresident Trump is attending the dinner with European leaders at the onset of the G-7 summit this week, amid an escalating trade war with China
Voters Left Laughing At Mayor De Blasio After Video Problem Makes 2020 Candidate Sound Like 'Chipmunk'The mayor said he'd do whatever it took to spread his message, including trying out his "best chipmunk impression."
Andre Wallace To Serve As Mount Vernon Mayor Through End Of 2019There's been a battle to run the city since Richard Thomas was convicted of corruption charges in July.
After Mass Shootings, Hollywood Movie 'The Hunt' Canceled, Sparks Outrage For Showing 'Elites' Killing SouthernersMovie trailers that are still circulating around the internet show residents from states like Mississippi and Wyoming being hunted to the death by the extremely wealthy
Ohio Man Arrested, Louisiana Cops Fired After Making Facebook Threats About Alexandria Ocasio-CortezThe U.S. Attorney's Office in Cleveland says 41-year-old Timothy Ireland of Toledo was charged Friday with making interstate threats.
Bill De Blasio Strikes Out With Voters, Gets Zero Percent Support In Latest 2020 PollA Quinnipiac University poll shows that if the Democratic primary were held today, the mayor and other local candidates are at the bottom of the field.
Queens DA Race: Judge To Review Dozens Of Disputed BallotsQueens Borough President Melinda Katz currently leads public defender Tiffany Caban by 60 votes.
Mount Vernon City Council Turns On Acting Mayor, Moves To Replace Him Days After Ousting MayorOn Friday, there was an apparent political coup – as the city council turned on the man that had just replaced a mayor who was ousted over campaign finance crimes.
Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Steps Down, Names ReplacementAfter days of uncertainty, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said he is resigning Friday as planned and his nominee, Pedro Pierluisi, will be his replacement.
De Blasio's Extreme Tax Plan Is Either A Political Stunt Or A Recipe To Ruin NYC, Experts Say“This plan is not just a tax on the ultra-wealthy, not just a tax on the wealthy, but a tax on the middle class… It’s extreme,” Timothy Ghriskey, the chief investment strategist for Inverness Counsel said.