Gov. Andrew Cuomo Plans To Introduce Legislation To Legalize Gestational SurrogacyThe legislation passed the Senate this last session but was never brought up for a vote in the Assembly.
Once-A-Month Birth Control Pills? Researchers Say Breakthrough Drug Successfully Tested On AnimalsThe experimental capsule is still years away from drugstores, but researchers reported Wednesday that it worked as designed in a key test in animals.
Caught On Camera: Police Unknowingly Get Into High-Speed Chase With Couple Rushing To Hospital To Give BirthOfficers approached the car at gunpoint and that's when they found a woman in the passenger seat in labor.
Nearly Half Of New Moms Feel Overwhelmed And Depressed, Survey FindsAfter delivery that's the fourth trimester – which can come with serious health concerns that too many new moms ignore.
New Test Helping Women Detect Life-Threatening Pregnancy Condition Pre-EclampsiaMany pregnant women develop symptoms like swelling and headaches, but those could also be signs of a very dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia.
Baby Boom: 15 Nurses And Physician Assistants At Long Island Hospital Pregnant At The Same TimeThere’s a baby boom at one Long Island hospital and it has nothing to do with the patients.
How Long Should New Mom's Wait To Have Another Child?Researchers are saying one year is the prime time to wait between the birth of one child and the conception of another to prevent health complications.
New Medication Offers Relief To Women Suffering From Morning SicknessA new medication offers relief from morning sickness, the awful nausea and vomiting that often strikes women in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
Diabetes Treatment And New Dementia Link Part Of Big Week In MedicineCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez took a look at all the top health stories.
CDC: Opioid Addiction Among Pregnant Women SkyrocketsA new report from the CDC has revealed a troubling surge in opioid use among pregnant women.
Poppy Seed Bagel Causes Woman Giving Birth To Fail Drug TestElizabeth Eden was headed to St. Joseph Medical Center on April 4 and had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast before going into labor.