FBI: Brooklyn Man Under Investigation For Price Gouging Claimed To Have COVID-19, Coughed On AgentsBaruch Feldheim allegedly sold 1,000 N95 masks to a doctor at a 700% mark-up.
Coronavirus Update: Nassau County Ups Crackdown On Price Gouging As COVID-19 Rises To More Than 2,400 CasesAs infection numbers and worries rise, Long Island warns some businesses are still trying to take advantage of demand for protective gear.
Coronavirus Update: NYC Officials On The Hunt For Price GougingOne store was found selling previously priced $6 cans of Lysol disinfectant spray for $19.99, and some marking up their prices are blaming their distributors.
Coronavirus Update: Long Island Lawmakers To Introduce Legislation That Cracks Down On Price GougersWould you pay $90 for a box of just five masks? How about $40 for a mere eight ounces of hand sanitizer? Or a typical bottle of sanitizing spray for $45?
NYC Blackout: Uber, Lyft Accused Of Price Gouging During Weekend Power OutagePeople on social media called out companies like Uber and Lyft for their prices the night of the blackout in New York City.
Chaos At LaGuardia: Who Will Fix Ongoing Mess Facing Travelers?Over and over backed up roads led ride share drivers to cancel on passengers waiting in the Terminal B parking garage.
Endless Traffic, Mass Confusion, Ride-Share Price Gouging Creating Chaos At LaGuardia AirportIt's a problem CBS2's Marcia Kramer first exposed in 2016. CBS2 counted at least three drivers within a half-hour stalking potential fares at LaGuardia.
NY Attorney General Warns Against Price Gouging During SnowstormNew York's attorney general has issued a warning about price-gouging during the snowstorm.
NY Attorney General Warns Stores Against Price Gouging Ahead Of SnowstormNew York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is warning store owners against price gouging during the weekend snowstorm.
5 Airlines Being Investigated For Alleged Price Gouging Following Deadly Amtrak DerailmentEight people were killed and about 200 were injured in the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia.
New Jersey Hotel Settles Superstorm Sandy Price Gouging CaseThe state alleged that the company engaged in 545 instances of price gouging from Oct. 27, 2012, to Nov. 5, 2012. The state's complaint was filed in December 2012.