President Obama Set To Begin 'Charm Offensive' In The Middle EastPresident Barack Obama left for the Middle East on Tuesday evening. He’s on a mission to charm the Israelis into making peace concessions and to find some way to peacefully stop Iran from building a bomb.
President Obama To Make Several Symbolic Gestures During Trip To IsraelIt’s one of the first things President Barack Obama will see when he touches down in Israel next week, one of the Iron Dome missile batteries used to blow Palestinian rockets out of the sky.
Biden: Obama Prepared To Do Whatever's Necessary To Prevent Iran From Getting BombAs President Barack Obama continued preparations for his first trip to Israel as commander in chief, there was a shift in tactics Monday.
With Peace In Mind, President Obama To Make First Trip To IsraelPresident Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have had a number of meetings at the White House, including some that were quite tense. But as early as next month Obama will meet Netanyahu on his home court.
Obama, Netanyahu Fighting Their Own Form Of Cold WarThe relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu has often been frigid, but they may now have entered sub-zero territory.
Christie Treated Like Rock Star In Israel, Meets With Netanyahu On First Day Of TripNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and plans to visit Jerusalem's Western Wall during his week-long trip.
Netanyahu, Obama Meet, Seem To Keep True Feelings Close To The ChestThey may not agree on much, but one thing that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Barack Obama had a certain ring of truth: Israel and the United States are both enemies of Iran.
U.S., Israel At Odds Over Timeline For Action Against A Nuke-Capable IranThe United States and Israel are engaged in high stakes diplomacy over what to do about the nuclear threat from Iran. The allies disagree about whether to, when to, and who should bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.