Harvey Weinstein Trial: No Verdict In Second Day Of Jury DeliberationThis morning, the jurors – seven men and five women – asked the judge again for emails from Weinstein relating to one accuser.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Jury Does Not Reach Verdict After First Day Of DeliberationsAs CBS2's Alice Gainer reports, the case was in the hands of the jurors by 11:29 a.m. Tuesday.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: New York Charges ExplainedWeinstein has been found guilty on two of five counts involving accusers Jessica Mann and Mimi Haley in Manhattan.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: What To Expect From Jury DeliberationsThe fate of Harvey Weinstein rests with a jury of seven men and five women. They'll begin deliberating today after weeks of graphic testimony.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: A Look Back As Jurors Are Set To Begin DeliberationsSeven men and five women will begin deliberating Tuesday after weeks of graphic testimony in his rape and sex assault trial. 
Police Accuse Man Of Raping 11-Year-Old Girl In BrooklynThe suspect, Andre Clarke, was taken into custody on Sunday morning.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Prosecution Makes Closing Arguments In Rape, Sex Assault CaseAssistant District Attorney Joan Iluzzi painted the picture of a wealthy and powerful man in Hollywood, a man powerful enough to get presidents on the phone, who preyed on women.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Defense Delivers Closing ArgumentsHarvey Weinstein's lead attorney Donna Rotunno, from Chicago, dove right in urging jurors to "use your New York City common sense, arguing "the DA has failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt." 
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Defense Rests Without Calling Him To Witness StandWeinstein claims he wanted to take the stand, but his lawyers convinced him otherwise.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Defense Calls Model Who Accuser Claims 'Was Standing Right There' After Alleged AssaultThe sixth accuser who testified against Harvey Weinstein said after he groped her in a hotel bathroom in 2013, there was another woman there who did nothing to stop it.
Harvey Weinstein Trial: Prosecution Rests Its Case As Defense Ramps UpIt is unclear if Weinstein himself will be called to testify.