Empire State Building Lights Up In Pinstripes For Derek JeterIf you missed it, don't worry -- and get your camera ready. The iconic skyscraper will pay tribute to the five-time World Series champ again Monday night.
Suzyn's Sit-Down With Derek Jeter: From 'Overmatched' Kid To Future Hall Of FamerSuzyn's interview with Jeter aired in three parts this past week on the WFAN Yankees Radio Network. Listen to it in its entirety here.
12 Best Tweets Celebrating Derek Jeter's Legendary Final Hit At Yankee StadiumWhile fans, non fans, kids and adult everywhere celebrated the legendary Yankees' captain's last hit at Yankee stadium, let's take a look at the best reactions from friends of DJ, fellow athletes and other celebrates who took to Twitter to pay their RE2PECT to Number 2.
2 Perfect: Derek Jeter Bids Goodbye To Bronx In Signature FashionThe perfect script. Jeter capped his Yankee Stadium farewell with the game-winner in the bottom of the ninth, the latest — and perhaps last — storybook moment of his career.
Sweeny: Jeter Scripts An Ending That Even The Haters Have To LoveI know some of you thought this week was overkill, from the anonymous trolls on Twitter to Keith Olbermann. But didn't last night just prove what we've been talking about?
Albany Skyscraper Lights Up With No. 2 In Honor Of JeterThe celebration of Derek Jeter's career extended way beyond the Bronx. There was plenty of RE2PECT upstate, too.
Palladino: Derek Jeter, First-Ballot Hall Of Famer? There's No ArgumentFor the few who doubt Jeter deserves a place in baseball’s Olympus on a statistical basis, don’t use the stats. Use the eyes.