Westchester Taking In Mountains Of Cardboard Shipping BoxesOnline shopping means shipping, and that means a blizzard of cardboard boxes going from under the Christmas tree to out at the curb.
Recycling In Parts Of Long Island Just Got More ComplicatedNew rules for recycling are going into effect in parts of Long Island due to the collapse of the recycling market worldwide.
Long Island Officials: Hazardous Waste Hurting Workers At Recycling FacilitiesThe safety of the collectors and the people who sort the recycling piece by piece is at stake.
Kroger Phasing Out Single-Use Plastic Bags In All Stores By 2025The nation’s largest grocery chain will be plastic-bag free at all of its nearly 2,800 stores by 2025.
Have You Been Recycling Wrong? What To Do With That Greasy Pizza Box, And MoreExperts say it's increasingly important to avoid recycling bin blunders, doing the right thing the right way.
Hasbro Launches Toy Recycling ProgramToy maker Hasbro is partnering with recycling company Terracycle to offer parents a way to turn donated toys into materials used to make playgrounds, park benches, flower pots, and more.
Plastic Pollution Solution? New Enzyme Breaks Down Key Type Of PlasticThe research could offer a new way to recycle millions of tons of plastic. 
Plan Would Charge NYC Residents To Have Garbage Picked Up To Encourage RecyclingSome say a proposed new plan is about garbage is a bunch of garbage itself, while others think it might be an environmental turning point.
Students Wrap 3,000 Plastic Bags Around School To Raise Environmental AwarenessStudents at a high school in Brooklyn took their crusade against plastic bags to the streets this morning.
Low Oil Prices, Improper Disposals At Recycling Centers Could Hit Taxpayers HardAre your recycling efforts going to waste? Companies that collect recycling also do so to collect money, something made difficult by low oil prices.
Changes In Recycling Pickup Leaves Mountains Of Trash Bags On UWS StreetsPiles of trash have been blocking sidewalks in the Manhattan neighborhood, as Upper West Side residents wait for a much-needed pickup.