Long Island Man Explains Why He Moved Red Light CamerasStephen Ruth calls himself the "Red Light Robin Hood."
AAA Report: Yonkers Failing To Provide Adequate Info About City's Red Light CamerasA report from AAA claims Yonkers is not adequately explaining why and how the cameras are helping while it collects millions in fines.
Report: NJ Red Light Camera Fines Raked In More Than $150MRed light cameras recently taken down at intersections around the state generated more than $150 million in fives over five years.
L.I. Man Complains Of Red Light Camera Outside His WindowDaniel McCarthy's house sits at the intersection of Arnold Avenue and Great East Neck Road in West Babylon where, in May, Suffolk County crews installed a red light camera.
NJ Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Increasing Length Of Yellow Lights At IntersectionsDrivers in the Garden State said they're facing a problem at red light cameras -- not being able to make it through the yellow fast enough.
Slow Down, Roselle Park: Police Chief Releases Video Of Crash Caused By Running Red Light"I want people to realize what can happen when someone runs a red light," Police Chief Paul Morrison said. He released a stunning video of a crash there.
Suffolk County Considers Red Light Cameras As Key Part Of Budget Deficit FixThe county estimates that with the additional red light cameras and by processing its own traffic violations they could make some $20 million annually.
Nassau County Considers Ways To Collect Unpaid Traffic And Parking FinesThe County's failed to collect $10 million in unpaid red light camera fines as well as $26 million in parking tickets and $44 million in traffic fines.
Consumer Alert: TomTom Reportedly Sold GPS User Data To Police To Target MotoristsYou know what your GPS device is telling you, but do you know how the company is using that information?
Former Judge Challenges Constitutionality Of Red-Light CamerasClick … you're caught. Those red-light cameras are popping up at more and more intersections. And if you're photographed running a red light you have little recourse but to pay the fine. Right?